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German Army
Engineer Company (motorized)
22 June 1941
KStN 712 dated 01.02.1941
1 Officer (K) as Company Commander (Pistol)(SMG)
Company Headquarters
    Headquarters Section
        1 NCO as Headquarters Section Leader (SMG)
        1 NCO as Foreman (Pistol)
        1 NCO for Equipment (Pistol)
        1 NCO as Distance Measurer and for Gas Protection (Pistol)
        1 Messenger (Rifle)(on motorcycle)
        4 Messengers (Rifle)(on motorcycles with sidecars)
        2 Messengers (Rifles)
        1 Emgineer & vehicle escort (Rifle)
        2 Motor Vehicle Drivers (Rifles)
        1 motorcycle
        4 motorcycles with side cars
        1 car, light, cross-country (Kfz. 1)
        1 car, medium, cross-country (Kfz. 15)
    Signal Detachment
        2 Pack Radio Sections b, each with
            1 Radioman as Section Leader (Rifle)
            1 Radioman as Driver (Rifle)
            1 Radioman (Rifle)
            1 signal car, light, cross-country (Kfz. 2)
    Combat Trains
        1 Senior NCO / First Sergeant (SMG)(motorcycle with side car)
        1 NCO as Supply Trains Leader
        1 Motor Mechanic & vehicle escort (Rifle)
        1 Assistant Armorer (Pistol)
        1 Cook & vehicle escort (Rifle)
        1 Cook (Rifle)
        3 Motor Vehicle Drivers (Rifles)
        1 motorcycle with side car
        1 truck, light, open, for fuel
        1 truck, light, open, for ammo and equipment
        1 truck, medium, open, with field kitchen
    Maintenance Section
       1 NCO Foreman as Section Leader (Pistol)
       1 Motor Mechanic (Rifle)(on motorcycle with sidecar)
       1 Motor Mechanic (Rifle)
       1 Motor Mechanic / Motor Vehicle Driver (Rifle)
       1 motorcycle with sidecar
       1 maintenance car, light, cross-country (Kfz. 2/40)
    Ration and Baggage Trains
        1 NCO clerk (Rifle)
        1 Tailor (Rifle)
        1 Cobbler / motor vehicle escort (Rifle)
        2 Motor Vehicle Drivers (Rifles)
        2 trucks, medium, open
3 Engineer Platoons, each with
    1 Officer (Z) as Platoon Leader (SMG)
    Platoon Headquarters
        1 NCO Assistant Platoon Leader (Pistol)
        1 NCO as Distance Measurer (Rifle)
        1 Messenger (Rifle)(on motorcycle)
        1 Messenger / Bugler (Rifle)
        4 Messengers (Rifle)(on motorcycles with sidecars)
        2 Motor Vehicle Driver (Rifle)
        1 motorcycle
        4 motorcycles with side car
        1 car, medium (Kfz. 15)
        1 truck, medium, open, cross-country (Pionierkraftwagen II)
    3 Sections, each with
        1 Section Leader (SMG)
        2 Engineers / motor vehicle escorts (Rifles)
        6 Engineers (Rifles)
        1 MG Gunners (Pistols)
        3 Assistant MG Gunners (Rifles)
        2 Motor Vehicle Drivers (Rifles)
        2 trucks, medium, open, cross-country (Pionierkraftwagen II)
        1 light machine gun
This table is based on an organizational diagram - on which exact personnel functions and individual weapons assignment are not indicated. I have designated personnel and allocated weapons as was usual in 1941 with other companies.