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German Air Force
Abbreviation German Term English Term
Abt. Abteilung Battalion [Note 1]
Ammo Ammunition
Aufkl Gr Aufklärungs-Gruppe Reconnaissance Group
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline
  Betriebs- Operations
BoFlGr (BF Gr) Bord-Flieger-Gruppe Ship-Based Aviation Group
BoFlSt Bord-Flieger-Staffel Ship-Based Aviation Squadron
Btl Bataillon Battalion
CoS Chief of Staff
DLM Deutsche Luftwaffe Mission German Air Force Mission (Military Assistance Group)
  Einsatzgruppe Operations Group
Erg Ergänzungs- Training and Replacement (sometimes used operationally)
Erpr Erprobungs- Test
ETr Eisenbahn-Transportschutz Railroad protection
(F) Fern- Long-Range (Strategic) Recon
FAGr Fernaufklärungsgruppe Long-Range (Strategic) Recon Group
FAS Flakartillerieschule Antiaircraft School
FB Flugbereitschaft Communications Flight / Headquarters Aircraft Pool
FJ Fallschirmjäger Parachute Infantry, Parachutist
Fl Flieger- Aviation
FlDiv Flieger-Division Air Division
Flak Flugabwehrkanone antiaircraft gun
Flak the Luftwaffe anti-aircraft forces
FliFü Flieger-Führer Air Commander
Flivo Flieger-Verbindungsoffizier Air Liaison Officer
Flk Fliegerkorps Air Corps
Fs Fallshirm- Parachute
FsJg Fallschirmjäger Parachute Infantry, Parachutist
G Geschwader Wing
(gem) gemischt mixed
Gen.d.Lw. General der Luftwaffe General of the Luftwaffe
GG General Göring Elite Luftwaffe unit
Gr Gruppe Group
Gruft Gruppenfliegerstab Luftwaffe Army Coorperation Headquarters
(H) Heer Short-Range (Tactical) Recon attached to Army
Hqs Headquarters
HöNaFü Höherer Nachrichtenführer Higher Signal Commander
JaFü Jagd-Flieger-Füher Chief of Fighter Aviation
JGr Jagd-Gruppe Fighter Group (single-engine)
JG Jagd-Geschwader Fighter Wing (single-engine)
Kdo Kommando Command
KG Kampf-Geschwader Bomber Wing
KGr zbV Kampf-Gruppe zur besonderer Verwendung Transport Group
Koflug Kommando Flughafenbereich Airfield Regional Command
Koluft Kommandeur der Luftwaffe Air Force Commander (Coordinator attached to the Army)
Kü Fl Gr Küsten-Flieger-Gruppe Coastal Aviation Group
le (lei) leicht light
Lfl Luftflotte Air Force Fleet
LG Lehr-Geschwader Demonstration Wing (sometimes used operationally)
Luftgau Air District
LLG Luft-Lande-Geschwader Air Landing Wing (Glider)
Lsp Luftsperr Barrage Balloon
LTF Lufttransportfüher Chief of Air Transport
Lv Luftverteidigung Air Defense
Lw Luftwaffe German Air Force
mot motorisiert motorized
mot Z motorisierter Zug motor towed, usually by a halftracked prime mover
(N) Nacht- Night
NA Gr Nahaufklärungs-Gruppe Short Range (Tactical) Reconnaissance Group
NJD Nachtjagd-Division Night Fighter Division
NJG Nachtjagd-Geschwader Night Fighter Wing
NS Gr Nachtschlacht-Gruppe Night Ground Attack Group
(o) ortsfest static, not mobile
Ob.d.L. Oberberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe
OKL Oberkommando der Luftwaffe Luftwaffe High Command
Pi Pionier Engineer
(Pz) Panzer Short-Range (Tactical) Recon attached to mechanized unit
PzJg Panzerjäger Antitank
Rgt Regiment Regiment
(S) See Marine Aviation
s. schwer heavy
SA Gr Seeaufklärungs-Gruppe Maritime Reconnaissance Group
(Sch) Schlachtflieger Ground Support
Santitäts-Flugbereitschaft Medivac (Medical Air Evacuation Flight)
  Seenot Air-Sea Rescue
  Seenotstaffel Air-Sea Rescue Squadron
SF Siebel-Fähre Siebel ferry
Sfl Selbstfahrlafette self-propelled chassis
SKG Schnell-Kampf-Geschwader Fighter-Bomber Wing
SNDF Seenotdienstführer Chief of Air-Sea Rescue
St, Sta Staffel Squadron (but see Stab, below)
St, Stb Stab Headquarters (but see Staffel, above)
(St) Stuka (Sturzkampfflieger) Dive-Bomber
Stabia Stabsbildabteilung Headquarters' Photo Detachment
StG Stuka-Geschwader Dive-Bomber Wing
Stoluft Stabsoffizier der Luftwaffe Staff Officer for the Airforce
TG Transport-Geschwader Transport Wing
(v) (verlegbar) moveable, but without organic transport
  Wetter Weather
WBZ Wetter-Beratungs-Zentrale Weather Station
Wekusta Wetter-Erkundungs-Staffel Weather Observation Squadron
Westa (F) Wetter-Fernerkundungs-Staffel Long-Range Weather Observation Squadron
  Wüstennot Desert Rescue
(Z) Zerstörer Fighter (twin-engine)
zbV zur besonderen Verwendung for special use
ZG Zerstörer-Geschwader Fighter Wing (twin-engine)
ZSt Zerstörer-Staffel Fighter Squadron (twin-engine)
Some German designations have been hyphenated here for clarity. In many cases the hyphen is not used.
[1] The word Abteiling has other meaings as well, for example:
    – When used within the context of a headquarters, it means section.
    – When used within the context of military (or civilian) bureaucracies, it means department.
    – When used in conjunction with trains, it means compartment.
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