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German Air Force
Grade Abbreviation German Luftwaffe US Army Air Forces Equivalent [Note 1]
General Ranks
- RM   Reichsmarschall [Note 2] (lit.: "Marshal of the Reich")
G5 Gen Feldm Generalfeldmarschall General of the Air Force
G4 Gen Ob Generaloberst General
G3 Gen d Fl
Gen d Flak
Gen d Fs
Gen d Ln
General der Flieger
General der Flakartillerie
General der Fallschirmjäger
General der Luftnachrichtentruppen
Lieutenant General (Aviation Troops)
Lieutenant General (Antiaircraft Artillery Troops)
Lieutenant General (Parachute Troops)
Lieutenant General (Air Force Signal Troops)
G2 Gen Lt
Gen Lt (Ing.)
   Lt Fl Ch Ing
   Fl Gen Stb Ing
Generalleutnant (Ing.) (from 01.11.1940)
   Leitender Flieger-Chefingenieur (1935–1940)
   Flieger-Generalstabsingenieur (1940 only)
Major General
Major General of the Technical Services
G1 Gen Maj
Gen Maj (Ing.)
   Fl Ch Ing
   Fl Gen Ing
Generalmajor (Ing.) (from 01.11.1940)
   Flieger-Chefingenieur (1935–1940)
   Flieger-Generalingenieur (1940 only)
Brigadier General
Brigadier General of the Technical Services
Officer Ranks
O7 Ob, Obst
Obst (Ing.)
   Fl Hpt Ing
   Fl Obst Ing
Oberst (Ing.) (from 01.11.1940)
   Flieger-Hauptstabsingenieur (1935–1940)
   Flieger-Oberstingenieur (1940 only)
Colonel of the Technical Services
O6 Obstlt, Oberstlt
Oberstlt (Ing.)
   Fl Hpt Stbs Ing
Oberstleutnant (Ing.) (from 01.11.1940)
   Flieger-Hauptstabsingenieur (1935–1940)
Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Colonel of the Technical Services
O5 Maj
Maj (Ing.)
   Fl Stb Ing
Major (Ing.) (from 01.11.1940)
   Flieger-Stabsingenieur (1935–1940)
Major of the Technical Services
O4 Hptm
Hptm (Ing.)
   Hpt Ing
Hauptmann (Ing.) (from 01.11.1940)
   Hauptingenieur (1935–1940)
Captain of the Technical Services
O3 Oblt
Oblt (Ing.)
   Fl Ob Ing
Oberleutnant (Ing.) (from 01.11.1940)
   Flieger-Oberingenieur (1935–1940)
First Lieutenant
First Lieutenant of the Technical Services
O2 Lt
Lt (Ing.)
   Fl Ing
Leutnant (Ing.) (from 01.11.1940)
   Flieger-Ingenieur (1935–1940)
Second Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant of the Technical Services
O1   Fahnenjunker/Fähnrich Warrant Officer
[1] The US Army Air Forces general ranks indicated here should be seen more as an indication of hierarchy more than equivalency.
[2] The rank of "Reichsmarschall" was especially created for Göring , and was in reality a political rank. It had no real equivalent in other military forces.

Weather flights could be commanded by specialized officials (Beamte) with the rank of Administrative Advisor (Regierungsrat, abbreviated to Reg Rat) of the Metreological Service (Wetterdienst), of the Luftwaffe, which was equivalent to a Luftwaffe Major.

In addition to Regular Army Officers, there where Reserve Officers denoted by the suffix d.R. (der Reserve), and Officers for the duration of the war denoted by the suffix a.K. (auf Kriegsdauer).
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