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Compiled by Leo W.G. Niehorster
Vol. 1/I
Mechanized Army Divisions and Waffen-SS Units
1 September 1939

(3rd Revised Edition)
The third edition has been thoroughly revised, amended, and updated. It now includes the divisional support services as well as the supply trains of the all units and headquarters. Text (originally done on an IBM Composer), layout, and the drawings (originally done by hand), have been redone on computer. New units have been added.
The Author
General Introduction
How to Read the Charts
Germans Units and Symbols
Organizational Symbols
Order of Battle of the German Army on 1 September 1939

1. Panzer-Division
2. Panzer-Division
3. Panzer-Division
4. Panzer-Division
5. Panzer-Division
1. leichte Division (motorisiert)
2. leichte Division (motorisiert)
3. leichte Division (motorisiert)
4. leichte Division (motorisiert)
Headquarters, 10. Panzer-Division
Headquarters, Panzer Division & Light Mechanized Division
Panzer Brigade
Panzer Brigade (Sonder)
Panzer Battalion (Sonder)(LTM 35)
Panzer Battalion (truck-borne)
Panzer Battalion (truck-borne)(LTM 38)
Motorized Infantry Brigade & OB Infantry units
Motorized Infantry Regiment (1. 3. Pz. Div.)
Motorized Infantry Regiment (4. & 5. Pz., 2. & 4. lei. Div)
Motorized Infantry Regiment (1. & 3. lei. Div.)
Anti-Tank Battalion
Motorized Artillery Regiment
Motorized Reconnaissance Regiment
Combat Engineer Battalion (motorized)
Divisional Signal Battalion (motorized)
Divisional Support Services (motorized)

  2. Infanterie-Division (motorisiert)
13. Infanterie-Division (motorisiert)
20. Infanterie-Division (motorisiert)
29. Infanterie-Division (motorisiert)
Headquarters, Infantry Division
Anti-Tank Battalion
Infantry Regiment (motorized)
Artillery Regiment (motorized)
Motorized Reconnaissance Battalion
Combat Engineer Battalion (motorized)
Divisional Signal Battalion (motorized)
Divisional Support Services (motorized)

SS Units authorized organization
SS-Standarte (mot)
SS-Artillery Standarte (mot)
SS-Light Antiaircraft Battalion
SS-Reconnaissance Battalion
SS-Engineer Battalion
SS-Signal Battalion


    Introduction to German soft-skinned motor vehicles
    German numbered motorized soft-skinned vehicles
    German special military vehicles
    German military trailers and special military trailers
    German horse-drawn vehicles: wagons carts sleds
    German Army ranks and Stellengruppen (billet groups)
    German military personnel job descriptions
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