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Compiled by Leo W.G. Niehorster
Vol. 3/II
Higher Headquarters – Mechanized GHQ Units
22 June 1941

(2nd Revised Edition)
This second edition has been thoroughly revised, amended, and updated. It now includes the higher headquarters, trains (including maintenance units) of all the company-sized units and headquarters, as well as the support services of the various GHQ formations. The diagrams and order of battle have been corrected where necessary. New units have been added.
The Author
General Introduction
How to Read the Charts
Germans Units and Symbols
Organizational Symbols
Order of Battle

Army Group Headquarters
Army Headquarters
Army Medical Regiment
Signal Regiment, Army Group / Army
Signal Battalion, Army Group / Army
Panzer Group
Motorized Supply Commander, Panzer Group
Motorized Signal Regiment, Panzer Group
Motorized Combat Engineer Battalion, Panzer Group

Infantry Corps
Motorized Infantry Corps
Reduced-Strength Special Corps Command
Signal Battalion (motorized), Infantry Corps
Signal Battalion (motorized), Motorized Corps
Signal Battalion (motorized), Reduced-Strength Special Corps Command
Transport Battalion (motorized)
Combat Engineer Battalion (motorized)

900. Lehr Brigade (motorized)

Gross-Deutschland Infantrie-Regiment (motorized)

Headquarters, Motorized Higher Artillery Command (Harko)
Headquarters, Motorized Artillery Command (Arko)
Headquarters, Motorized Special Artillery Regiment
Motorized Artillery Observation Battalion
Motorized Balloon Battery
Motorized Heavy 150mm Field Howitzer and 105mm Gun Battalion
Motorized Heavy 150mm Gun Battalion
Motorized Heavy 210mm Gun Battalion
Motorized Heavy 210mm Howitzer Battalion
Motorized Heavy 210mm Howitzer Battalion (Reduced Mobility)
Motorized Heavy 240mm Gun Battalion
Motorized Heavy 240mm Howitzer Battalion
Motorized Super Heavy Howitzer Battalion
Motorized Super Heavy Howitzer Battalion (Karl)
Assault Gun Battalion

Motorized Army Anti-Aircraft Battalion
Headquarters, Motorized Special Rocket Launcher Regiment
Motorized Rocket-Launcher Battalion
Motorized Rocket-Launcher Regiment
Motorized Decontamination Battalion
Motorized Road Decontamination Battalion

Führer Escort Battalion
Mechanized Light Anti-Aircraft Units
Infanterie-Bataillon z.b.V. 100
Machine Gun Battalion (motorized)

Independent Tank Brigade
Flame Tank Battalion
Armored Mine-Clearing Battalion
 40 . Panzer-Abteilung z.b.V.
211. Panzer-Abteilung
Motorized Anti-Tank Battalion
Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Battalion
Self-Propelled Heavy Anti-Tank Company
Armored Self-Propelled 105mm Gun Platoon

Headquarters, Motorized Special Engineer Regiment
Motorized Combat Engineer Battalion
Heavy Bridge Columns
Motorized Type B Bridge Column


    Introduction to German soft-skinned motor vehicles
    German numbered motorized soft-skinned vehicles
    German special military vehicles
    German military trailers and special military trailers
    German horse-drawn vehicles: wagons – carts — sleds
    German Army ranks and Stellengruppen (billet groups)
    German military personnel job descriptions
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