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Compiled by Leo W.G. Niehorster
Vol. 3/III
Waffen-SS Mechanized Formations and GHQ Service Units
22 June 1941

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General Introduction
How to Read the Charts
Germans Units and Symbols
Organizational Symbols
Organizational Symbols
Order of Battle

Leibstandarte-SSAH (motorized)
SS-Division Das Reich (mot)
SS-Division Totenkopf (mot)
SS-Division Wiking (mot)
SS-Division Nord (mot)
1. RFSS-Brigade (mot)
2. RFSS-Brigade (mot)
Headquarters, SS-Division (motorized)
Headquarters, SS-Brigade (motorized)
SS-Regiment (motorized)
SS-Regiment (motorized) - SS-Kampfgruppe Nord
LSSAH Infanterie-Bataillon
LSSAH s. Bataillon (mot)
LSSAH s. Bataillon (sfl)
SS-Artillery Regiment (motorized)
SS-Antiaircraft Battalion
SS-Antitank Battalion (motorized)
SS-Motorcycle Battalion
SS-Reconnaissance Battalion
SS-Combat Engineer Battalion (motorized)
SS-Signal Battalion (motorized)
SS-Divisional Services (motorized)

Meteorological Platoon (motorized)
Light Calibration Section (motorized)
Heavy Calibration Platoon (motorized)
Map and Survey Battalion (motorized)
Engineer Bridge Construction Battalion
Engineer Bridge Construction Battalion (motorized)
Headquarters, Commander of Technical Troops (motorized)
Technical (TN) Battalion (motorized)
Technical Battalion (motorized)
Technical Battalion for Oil (motorized)
Main Construction Headquarters
Commander of Construction
Motorized Snow Clearing Section
Construction Battalion
Road Construction Battalion (motorized)
Road Construction Battalion
Light Road Construction Battalion
Motorized Propaganda Company
Headquarters, Special Motor Transport Regiment
Special Motor Transport Battalion
Motor Transport Battalion
Armored Vehicle Repair Battalion
Headquarters, Motor Vehicle Repair Battalion
Motor Vehicle Repair Company
Mobile Tire Supply Detachment
Mobile Tire Repair Detachment
Fuel Examination Section
Gasoline Upgrading Section
Mobile Motor Vehicle Parts Supply Detachment
Motor Vehicle Parts Supply Depot
Motor Vehicle Recovery Platoon
Motor Towing Platoon for Railway Vehicles
Headquarters, Special Supply Battalion (motorized)
Supply Battalion (semi-motorized)
Headquarters, Special Supply Column Battalion (motorized)
Supply Column Battalion (motorized)
Independent Supply Columns (motorized)
Supply Column Battalion (horse-drawn)
Ammunition Service Company
Fuel Service Company
Food Registration Headquarters
Commissary Office
Static Commissary Station
Butcher Battalion (motorized)
Butcher Company
Baker Company
GHQ Clothing Depot and Army Clothing Depot
Supply and Clothing Company (semi-motorized)
Infantry Park
Artillery Park
Gas Protection Park
Signal Park and Armored Signal Park
Engineer Park
Engineer Park Company
Engineer Machine Platoon
Transport and Equipment Park
Motor Vehicle Park
Motor Vehicle Park Company
Higher Ordnance Headquarters
Special Ordnance Headquarters
Ordnance Battalion
Ordnance Field Motor Column
Field Workshop (motorized)
Field Workshop Platoon (motorized)
Army Medical Battalion
Casualty Transport Battalion
Military Hospital Battalion
Field Hospital (motorized)
Field Hospital
Medical Company
Motor Ambulance Platoon
Decontamination Company (mot)
Hospital Trains
Medical Park
Veterinary Company
Horse Transport Column (motorized)
Veterinary Hospital
Veterinary Examination Section
Veterinary Park
Remount Park
Field Post Office
Army Post Office
Field Post Forwarding Office


    Introduction to German soft-skinned motor vehicles
    German numbered motorized soft-skinned vehicles
    German special military vehicles
    German military trailers and special military trailers
    German horse-drawn vehicles: wagons carts sleds
    German Army ranks and Stellengruppen (billet groups)
    German military personnel job descriptions
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