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Compiled by Leo W.G. Niehorster
Vol. 3/V
Military Government, Security, and Provost Marshal Forces;
Prisoner-Of-War Administration
22 June 1941

The Author
General Introduction
How to Read the Charts
Germans Units and Symbols
Organizational Symbols
Order of Battle

Armed Forces Governor
Armed Forces Governor of the Netherlands
Military Governor of Belgium and Northen France
Military Governor of France
Military Commander in the General Government
Chief of the Military Government District
Commandant of Greater Paris
Military Government Area Headquarters (Administrative)
Military Government Commandants

Secret Field Police Group

Commander of the Army Group Rear Area
Headquarters, Commander of the Army Group Rear Area
Motorized Signal Battalion
Security Regiment
Service Units

Commandant of the Army Rear Area

Infantry Division (Occupation) (15th Welle)
Headquarters, Infantry Division (Occupation) (15th Welle)
Infantry Regiment (Occupation)
Artillery Battalion (Occupation) (15th Welle)
Engineer Company (Occupation)
Semi-Motorized Infantry Division Signal Company
Service Units
Security Division
Headquarters, Security Division
Reaction Group
Service Units
Replacement Brigade (16th Welle)
Infantry Regiment (Occupation)

Motorized Military Police Battalion
Motorized Military Police Section
Traffic Control Battalion
Forward Collection Point
Guard Battalion

Military District Commander for Prisoners-of-War
Regional Commandant for Prisoners-of-War
Separate Headquarters, Militia Division
Separate Headquarters, Militia Regiment
Militia Battalion
Prisoner-of-War Forward Collection Camp
Prisoner-of-War Camp for Officers
Prisoner-of-War Camp for Enlisted Men
Prisoner-of-War Construction and Labor Battalion
Prisoner-of-War Roofer Battalion & Prisoner-of-War Glazier Battalion

Headquarters, Motorized Police Regiment
Police Rifle Battalion


    Introduction to German soft-skinned motor vehicles
    German numbered motorized soft-skinned vehicles
    German special military vehicles
    German military trailers and special military trailers
    German horse-drawn vehicles: wagons carts sleds
    German Army ranks and Stellengruppen (billet groups)
    German military personnel job descriptions
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