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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Red Army Organizations in 1941
    Mechanized Corps (Shtat 010/20 of 09.06.1940)
      Tank Division (Shtat 010/10 of 09.06.1940)
      Mechanized Division (Shtat 05/70 of 01.02.1941)
      Motorized Rifle Division (Shtat 05/70 of 01.02.1941)
    Rifle Corps
      Rifle Division (Shtat 04/400 of 05.04.41)
      Rifle Division (Shtat 04/600 of 29.07.41)
      Rifle Division (Shtat 04/750 of 06.12.41)
      Mountain Rifle Division (Shtat 04/140 of 15.08.1940)
      Infantry Brigade
    Airborne Corps
      Airborne Brigade
    Cavalry Corps
      Cavalry Division
    GHQ Units
      Corps Heavy Artillery Regiment
      Corps Heavy Howitzer Regiment
      Fortified Region
    NKVD Border Guards
      NKVD Border Guard Detachment
More details can be found on the Russian-language site:
    Рабоче-Крестьянская Красная Армия

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