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Soviet Army
Term Meaning
5-AK Truck-borne radio station (AM)
6-PK Infantry portable radio station (AM)
11-AK Truck-borne heavy radio station (AM)
71-TK Armored vehicle radio station (AM)
AA Antiaircraft
AAHMG Antiaircraft Heavy Machine Gun (12,7mm)
AAMG Antiaircraft Machine Gun
AAMMG Antiaircraft Medium Machine Gun
AES-1 Mobile electric power plant (truck-borne electric generator)
AES-3 Mobile electric power plant (truck-borne electric generator)
Ammo Ammunition
APC Armored Personnel Carrier (Halftrack)
ATG Antitank Gun
BAD Breakthrough Artillery Division
Commissar   Political Officer (Communist party functionary to control and indoctrinate the military)
Decon Decontamination
Div Division
Dual Two machine guns in a a single mounting.
G-H Gun-Howitzer
GL Grenade Launcher
HMG Heavy Machine Gun
How Howitzer
Hqs Headquarters
Hvy Heavy
JAG Judge Advocate General Corps
LMG Light Machine Gun
Lt Light
Maint Maintenance
Mech Mechanized (motorized infantry with tanks)
Men Personnel, comprising Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Other Ranks
MG Machine Gun
MMG Medium Machine Gun (7,62mm)
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer (Sergeants and senior sergeants)
NKVD People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs
Народный Комиссариат Внутренних Дел / Narodnyy Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del)
Obsv Observation
OR Other Rank (Enlisted men, without sergeants)
PO Political Officer (Commissar, Communist party functionary to control and indoctrinate the military
PVO National Defense (Russian: Противовоздушная Оборона / ProtivoVozdushnaya Oborona)
Quad Four guns in a single mounting (lit.: Quadrupel)
RB radio RB transmitter-receiver. Short-wave. (Range: 8km for voice, 12km for morse)
Recon Reconnaissance
RRU pack radio (VHF)
RSB truck-borne ground-to-air radio (AM) (Range with 4m antenna: 30km for voice, 60km for morse)
(also known as forward air support link / " tentacle ")
SMG Sub-Machine Gun (also known as Machine Pistol)
T/O Table of Organization (Number)
Tele Telephone
Topo Topographic
w/sc with sidecar
Shtat Table of Organization (number)
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