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Soviet Armed Forces
Designation Name Type Intro Notes
A-20G Douglas Havoc attack aircraft 1943 Lend Lease from USA
Ar-2 Arkhangelsky dive bomber 1940  
B-25 North American Mitchell bomber 1941 Lend Lease from USA
866 aircraft delivered (of types C/D/S/G/J)
Be-2 Beriev biplane floatplane 1938 Previously known as KOR-1
Be-4 Beriev flying boat 1940 Previously known as KOR-2
Che-2 Chetverikov twin-engined flying boat 1939 Known as MDR-6 until 1941
DB-3 Ilyushin twin-engined monoplane bomber 1939  
DB-3F Ilyushin twin-engined monoplane bomber 1940 Redesignated as Il-4 in March 1942
DB-3T Ilyushin twin-engined monoplane torpedo-bomber 1938
G-2 Tupolev transport   Transport version of TB-3
GST Amtorg flying boat 1939 License built Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina
I-15 Polikarpov biplane fighter 1934  
I-15bis Polikarpov biplane fighter 1938 Also known as I-152
I-152 Polikarpov biplane fighter 1937 Also known as I-15bis
I-153 Polikarpov biplane fighter 1939 Also known as I-15ter
I-16 Polikarpov monoplane fighter 1936  
Il-2 Ilyushin (Shturmovik) monoplane close-support aircraft 1941  
Il-4 Ilyushin twin-engined monoplane bomber 1940 Known as DB-3F until March 1942
Il-10 Ilyushin ground attack aircraft 1944  
IP-1 Grigorovich monoplane fighter trainer 1935  
KOR-1 Beriev biplane floatplane 1938 Redesignated as Be-2
KOR-2 Beriev flying boat 1940 Redesignated as Be-4
KR-1 Heinkel biplane flying boat 1930 Heinel HD 55
LaGG-3 Lavochkin, Gorbunov, Gudkov monoplane fighter 1941  
Li-2 Lisunov tranport 1938 License built Douglas DC-3;
previously known as PS-84
MBR-2 Beriev monoplane flying boat 1934  
MBR-2VU Beriev monoplane flying boat 1934 Variant for operating radio-controlled speedboats
MBR-4 Beriev biplane flying boat 1933 License-built SIAI-Marchetti SM.62bis
MDR-2 Chetverikov Recon Seaplane
MDR-6 Chetverikov twin-engined flying boat 1939 Redesignated Che-2 in 1941
MiG-1 Mikoyan-Gurevich monoplane fighter 1940  
MiG-3 Mikoyan-Gurevich monoplane fighter 1941  
MP-1 Beriev monoplane flying boat 1934 Civil version of the MBR-2 flying-boat
PBY-6A Consolidated Catalina flying boat / patrol bomber 1945 Lend Lease from USA
21 aircraft delivered to the Soviet Navy
PBN-1 Naval Aircraft Factory Nomad flying boat / patrol bomber 1943 Lend Lease from USA
138 aircraft delivered to the Soviet Navy
Pe-2 Petlyakov monoplane bomber 1941  
Pe-3 Petlyakov monoplane multi-role fighter 1941  
Po-2 Polikarpov general-purpose biplane 1932 Orininally designated as U-2
PS-9 Topulev high-wing monoplane transport 1932  
PS-40 Topulev transport   transport version of the SB
PS-43 Kocherigin transport / mail plane 1939 License built Vultee V-11 (USA)
PS-84 Lisunov tranport 1938 License built Douglas DC-3; later known as Li-2
PS-85   transport    
PR-5 Polikarpov biplane tranport 1936 transport version of the R-5
R-2 Polikarpov reconaissance biplane 1924  
R-5 Polikarpov recon-bomber biplane 1928  
R-5 SSS Polikarpov ground attack biplane 1931  
R-5T Polikarpov torpedo bomber biplane 1935  
R-6 Polikarpov recon monoplane 1928  
R-Z Polikarpov recon biplane 1935  
R-10 Kharkiv Aviation Institute recon, light bomber monoplane 1936  
S-1 SIAI (Italy) biplane flying boat 1919 SIAI S.16bis M in Soviet use.
S-2 Polikarpov medical evacuation biplane 1940 Based on the Po-2(U-2)
SB Tupolev twin-engined monoplane bomber 1935  
SU-2 Sukhoi scout and light bomber 1938  
TB-3 Tupolev heavy bomber 1932  
TB-7 Tupolev heavy bomber 1936 Also known as Petlyakov Pe-8
Tu-2 Tupolev twin-engined light bomber 1941  
U-2 Polikarpov trainer general-purpose biplane 1928 Renamed Po-2 to honor Nikolai Nikolaevich Polikarpov
after his death in 1944
USB Tupolev monoplane trainer 1938 based on SB; also known as SB-3
UT-1 Yakovlev monoplane trainer 1936  
UT-2 Yakovlev monoplane trainer 1937  
UTI-4 Polikarpov biplane trainer 1936 Two-seater training version of the I-16
Yak-1 Yakovlev monoplane fighter 1940  
Yak-2 Yakovlev bomber/reconnaissance 1940  
Yak-4 Yakovlev bomber/reconnaissance 1941  
Yak-10 Yakovlev Fighter 1942  
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