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Soviet Navy

Soviet Union Navy United States Navy equivalent rank
G4 Адмира́л фло́та (Admiral Flota) [1]   Admiral Adm
G3 Адмира́л (Admiral)   Vice Admiral VAdm
G2 Ви́це-адмира́л (Vice Admiral)   Rear Admiral RAdm
G1 Ко́нтр-адмира́л (Kontr Admiral)   Commodore [2] Comd
O6 Капита́н 1-го ра́нга (Kapitan, 1-go ranga)   Captain Capt
O5 Капита́н 2-го ра́нга (Kapitan, 2-go ranga)   Commander Cdr
O4 Капита́н 3-го ра́нга (Kapitan, 3-go ranga)   Lieutenant Commander LtCdr
O3 Капита́н-лейтена́нт (Kapitan Leytenant) kpt.-leytn. Lieutenant Lt
O2 Ста́рший лейтена́нт (Starshiyi Leytenant)   Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Lt(jg)
O1 Лейтена́нт (Leytenant) leytn. Ensign Ens
Мла́дший лейтена́нт (Mladshij Leytenant)   (Sub Lieutenant) Sub-Lt
E* Курсант (Kursant)   Midshipman Mid
E* Мичман (Michman)   Petty Officer PO
Transliterations are approximate as there is no standard convention for converting the Cyrillic alphabet to Modern Roman.
Note that the Russian Navy included shore units, (naval infantry, coastal artillery, etc.), which instead used the nomenclature of the ground forces.
[1] There was no rank in the Soviet Navy higher than Admiral until 1944, when Admiral Flota (Admiral of the Fleet) was introduced.
[2] Up to April 1943 the USN rank of Commodore was Rear Admiral (Lower Half) [R.Adm. (LH)], and Rear Admiral was know as Rear Admiral (Upper Half) [R.Adm. (UH)].
E* Senior enlisted rank.
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