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Soviet Army and Army Air Force
Russian Transliteration US Army and USAAF equivalent rank Notes
  Generalissimus [Note 1]   (lit.: Supreme General / Generalissimus) [1] Used only once during the Soviet era, namely by Josef Stalin, as of 26.06.45.

[2] The ranks of Chief Marshal were established 27.08.1943. They were immdediately below the Marshal of the Soviet Union in heirarchy.

[3] The ranks of Marshal of the Air Forces, Artillery, and Tank Forces were introduced in 04.02.43; whereas these ranks for the Engineer Forces and the Signal Forces were established on 27.08.43. They were immdediately below the General of the Army in heirarchy.

[4] The rank designation for Brigadier General (Kombrig) had been deleted on 07.05.40, and Colonels were promoted thereafter directly to the rank with the designation Major General (General-Major). To confuse matters, in 1943 the insignia of the General-Major was changed from two stars to one star. The US Army equivalent ranks indicated here can therefore be merely an indication of the hierarchy.

[5] The rank of Podpolkovnik was introduced on 07.05.40. Previously, a Major was promoted to Polkovnik directly.
  Marshal Sovetskogo Souza
For chiefs of specific arms: [Note 2]

—   Glavniy Marshal Aviatsii
—   Glavniy Marshal Artilerii
—   Glavniy Marshal Bronetankovikh Voisk
—   Glavniy Marshal Ingineernikh Voisk
—   Glavniy Marshal Voisk Svyazi

(lit.: Marshal of the Soviet Union)

(lit.: Chief Marshal of Aviation)
(lit.: Chief Marshal of Artillery)
(lit.: Chief Marshal of Tank Forces)
(lit.: Chief Marshal of Technical Forces)
(lit.: Chief Marshal of Signal Forces)
G5 General Armii
(Komandarm Pervogo Ranga prior to 07.05.40)
For chiefs of specific arms: [Note 3]

—   Marshal Aviatsii
—   Marshal Artilerii
—   Marshal Bronetankovikh Voisk
—   Marshal Ingineernikh Voisk
—   Marshal Voisk Svyazi
GA General of the Army

(lit.: Marshal of Aviation)
(lit.: Marshal of Artillery)
(lit.: Marshal of Tank Forces)
(lit.: Marshal of Technical Forces)
(lit.: Marshal of Signal Forces)
G4 General-Polkovnik
(Komandarm Vtorogo Ranga prior to 07.05.40)
GEN General (lit.: Colonel General)
G3 General-Leitenant
(Komkor prior to 07.05.40)
LTG Lieutenant General
G2 General-Major [Note 4]
(Komdiv prior to 07.05.40)
MG Major General
G1 — [Note 4]
(Kombrig prior to 07.05.40)
BG Brigadier General
O6 Polkovnik COL Colonel
O5 Podpolkovnik [Note 5] LTC Lieutenant Colonel
O4 Major MAJ Major
O3 Kapitan CPT Captain
O2 Starshiyi Leytenant 1LT 1st Lieutenant
O1 Leytenant 2LT 2nd Lieutenant
Mladshiy Leytenant 3LT 3rd Lieutenant
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