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United States Army and United States Marine Corps
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AA Antiaircraft
AAA Antiaircraft Artillery
AAAIS Antiaircraft Artillery Intelligence Service
AAB Army Airforce Base
AACS Army Airways Communications System
AADA Advanced Air Depot Area
AC Air Corps
ACF Air Corps Facility
AAOR Antiaircraft Operations Room
Admin Administration / Administrative
AES Marine Aviation Engineering School
Afld Airfield
AM&S Administrative, Mess, and Supply
Amtank Amphibian Tank
Amtrac Amphibian Tractor
Amph Amphibious
Arm Armored
APG Aberdeen Proving Ground
APU Army Postal Unit
Art / Arty Artillery
ARV Armored Recovery Vehicle
ASC Air Service Command
ASP Air Support Party (Forward air controllers)
ASTB Army Special Troops Battalion
AT Antitank
ATG Antitank Gun
ATR Antitank Rifle
ATRL Antitank Rocket Launcher
Attd Attached
AUS Army of the United States
Aux Auxiliary
Avn Aviation
AW Automatic Weapons
BAD Base Air Detachment
BAR Browning Automatic Rifle (cal .30)
Bde Brigade
BDS Bomb Disposal Squad (Ordnance)
BLT Battalion Landing Team
BG Bomber Group
Bn Battalion
BODP Beach Obstacle Demolition Party
Bty Battery
(C) Combat
CA Coastal Artillery
C&R Command and Reconnaissance
C&S Command and Staff
CASC Corps Area Service Command
CASU Corps Area Service Unit
Cav Cavalry
Camo Camouflage
CCA Combat Command A
CCB Combat Command B
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps
CCR Combat Command Reserve
CCRC Combat Crew Replacement Center
CEC Civil Engineer Corps (US Navy)
ChC Chaplain Corps (US Navy)
Chem Chemical
CIC Counter Intelligence Corps
(Cld) Colored
(Cmd) Command
CME Central Medical Establishment
Co Company
COE Cab over ebgine
Col Collection
Commo Communication(s)
Cons Construction
COS Chief-of-Staff
Cp Camp
CWS Chemical Warfare Service
DC Dental Corps (US Navy)
DCOS Deputy Chief-of-Staff
DD Duplex Drive. Amphibious tanks with flotation screens
Decon Decontamination
DEO District Engineer Office
Dept Department
Det Detachment "Detachment" defined
Div Division
DSTB Divisional Special Troops Battalion
DUKW six-wheel-drive amphibious truck
ECA European Civil Affairs
EM Enlisted Man / Enlisted Men.
(Privates and Corporals. Sergeants normally indicated separately.)
Engr Engineer
Equip Equipment
ETIT Engineer Technical Intelligence Team
ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, United States Army
(The administrative command in Europe as of February 1944)
Evac Evacuation
(F) Fighter
FA Field Artillery
FD Fire Direction
FDC Fire Direction Center
FDS Finance Disbursing Section
FG Fighter Group
Fld Field
FO Forward Observer
Ft Fort
FTG Fighter Training Group
FTS Fighter Training Squadron
FUSA First U.S. Army
(Gas) (Gasoline)
Gen Svc General Service
GCI Ground Controlled Interception (British RAF)
GFP Grande Puissance Filloux (license-built French gun)
GFRS Ground Force Replacement System
(The ETOUSA replacement organization)
GHQ General Headquarters
Gp / Grp Group
(G/S) (General Service)
(H) Heavy
H-D Horse Drawn
HA Hospital Apprentice (US Navy medical enlisted rank)
HAM Heavy Automotive Maintenance
HC Hospital Corps (US Navy)
HD Harbor Defense
HHB Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company
HHD Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment
HHS Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron
HHST Headquarters and Headquarters Service Troop
HHT Headquarters and Headquarters Troop
HM Heavy Maintenance
HMG Heavy Machine Gun
HMS Headquarters and Service Squadron – Marine Air Group
How Howitzer
Hqs / HQ Headquarters
HS Headquarters Squadron
HSC Headquarters and Service Company
HSS Headquarters and Service Squadorn – Marine Base Air Detachment
Hy Heavy
(I) Interceptor
IG Inspector general
Inf Infantry
Intel Intelligence
JAG Judge Advocate General
JASCO Joint Assault Signal Company
(L) Light
LG Landing Ground
LMG Light Machine Gun
LS Liaison Squadron
Lt Light
(M) Medium or  Mobile
MAETS Medical Air Evacuation Transport Sqaudron
In 1944, the authorized strength was 6 officers, 25 female officer nurses, and 61 enlisted men.
Maint Maintenance
MAP Municipal Airport
MAM Medium Automotive Maintenance
MC Medical Corps (US Navy)
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
MCAF Marine Corps Air Facility
MCB Marine Corps Base
Mecz / Mcz  Mechanized
Met Meteorological (Weather)
MG Machine Gun
MI Mariana Islands
MI Military Intelligence
Mil Military
MMG Medium Machine Gun
(Mob) Mobile
MP Military Police
MR Military Reservation
MR&RS Mobile Reclamation and Repair Squadron
MRU Machine Records Unit
MSU Mobile Servicing Unit (RAF)
MTU Mobile Training Unit
Mtz, Mot Motorized
MVD Motor Vehicle Disposal
NAS Naval Air Station
NCDU Naval Combat Demolition Unit
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NG National Guard
NOB Navy Operating Base
NSFCP Naval Shore Fire Control Party
NY Naval Yard
N.Y. New York
Obsv Observation
OOB Order of Battle
OCAC Office of Chief of Air Corps
OMM Ordnance Medium Maintenance
Ops Operations
OR Organized Reserves
Ord Ordnance
OS&M Ordnance Supply and Maintenance
OSS Office of Strategic Services (U.S. wartime intelligence agency, forrunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA))
(P) Pursuit
PA Philippine Army
PA Public Address (loudspeaker vehicle)
PAAC Philippine Army Air Corps
PC Philippine Constabulary
PC&R Port Construction and Repair
P/E Port of Embarkation
PhM Pharmacist's Mate (US Navy medical NCO rank)
Photo Photographic
PI Photo Interpretation
POL Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants
(Prov) (Provisional)
PS Philippine Scouts
PT Torpedo Boat
PWI Prisoner of War Interrogation
PX Post Exchange
QM Quartermaster
R&R Reclamation and Repair
RA Regular Army
RAF Royal Air Force
RCM Radar Countermeasures
Rcn, Recon Reconnaissance
RCT Regimental Combat Team
RDF Radio Direction Finding
Repro Reproduction
Res Reservation
Rgt Regiment
(RI) Radio Intelligence
RN Royal Navy
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Center
R&S Service and Supply
RTC Replacement Training Center
RTS Replacement Training Squadron
RVP Radio, Visual, and Panel
RY Railway (Railroad)
SAR Small Arms Repair
SC Station Complement (dedicated service unit of undetermined size manning a camp, base, fort, etc.)
For example, Camp Banding, Florida, had two Infantry Divisions plus a Field Artillery Brigade assigned to it, so the Station Complement was very large (88 officers and 1141 enlisted men), on the other hand, Key West Barracks in Florida had only a battery of Coast Artillery, thus the Station Complement was small (5 officers and 32 enlisted).
SC Supply Corps (US Navy)
SCU Statistical Control Unit
SE Single Engine
S-M Semi-Mobile
S&M Supply and Maintenance
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
(The operational command in Europe as of February 1944)
SMS Marine Air Group Service Squadron
SP Self-Propelled
Sqdn Squadron
(S/S) (Special Service)
S&S Service and Supply
Sp Svc Special Service (recreational and informational services to troops)
Svc Service
SWB Short Wheel Base  
T/BA Table of Basic Allowances
T/O Table of Organization
T/O&E Table of Organization and Equipment
T/E Table of Equipment
TAC Tactical Air Command
Tac Tactical
TAD Tactical Air Depot
TC Transportation Corps
TCW Troop Carrier Wing
TE Twin Engine
(Topo) Engineer Topographic
(Trac-D) Tractor Drawn
Trk Truck
(Trk-Dr) Truck Drawn
(TrT) Troop Transport
TUSA Third U.S. Army
USAAF United States Army Air Forces
USASc United States Army Cable Ship
USAMP United States Army Mine Planter
USAJMP United States Army Junior Mine Planter
USAT United States Army Transport
USMC United States Marine Corps
USMCR United States Marine Corps Reserve
USSTAF United States Strategic Air Forces
(The overall command and control authority of the United States Army Air Forces in Europe)
Vet Veterinary
VHF Very High Frequency
VLA Very Low Altitude
VM Marine Miscellaneous (Base) Squadron
VMB Marine Bombing Squadron
VMD Marine Photographic Squadron
VMF Marine Fighting Squadron
VMF(N) Marine Night Fighting Squadron
VMGS Marine Scout / Torpedo Bomber Squadron
VMJ Marine Utility Squadron
VMJR Marine Utility Transport Squadron
VMN Marine Training Squadron
VMO Marine Observation Squadron
VMOS Marine Observation & Scout Squadron
VMOT Marine Operational Training Squadron
VMP Marine Patrol Squadron
VMPB Marine Patrol Bombing Squadron
VMR Marine Twin-Engine Transport Squadron
VMRF Marine Ferry Squadron
VMRS Marine Service Squadron
VMS Marine Scouting Squadron
VMSB Marine Scout Bombing Squadron
VMSN Marine Scout-Training Plane Squadron
VMSO Marine Scout & Observation Squadron
VMT Marine Torpedo Squadron
VMTB Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron
VMW Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron
(W) Weather
WO Warrant Officer
(wpns) Weapons
WS Weather Squadron
(WS) Engineer Water Supply
w/sc with sidecar
w/w with winch
XO Executive Officer
ZI Zone of the Interior
ZMQ Marine Barrage Balloon Squadron
US States
Ala. Alabama
Ariz. Arizona
Ark. Arkansas
Calif. California
Colo. Colorado
Conn. Connecticut
Del. Delaware
Fla. Florida
Ga. Georgia
Idaho Idaho
Ill. Illinois
Ind. Indiana
Iowa Iowa
Kans. Kansas
Ky. Kentucky
La. Louisiana
Maine Maine
Md. Maryland
Mass. Massachusetts
Mich. Michigan
Minn. Minnesota
Miss. Mississippi
Mo. Missouri
Mont. Montana
Neb. Nebraska
Nev. Nevada
N.H. New Hampshire
N.J. New Jersey
N.M. New Mexico
N.Y. New York
N.C. North Carolina
N.D. North Dakota
Ohio Ohio
Okla. Oklahoma
Ore. Oregon
Pa. Pennsylvania
R.I. Rhode Island
S.C. South Carolina
S.D. South Dakota
Tenn. Tennessee
Tex. Texas
Utah Utah
Vt. Vermont
Va. Virginia
Wash. Washington
W.Va. West Virginia
Wis. Wisconsin
Wy. Wyoming
Other Georgraphical Abbreviatiosn
AS American Samoa
BWI British West Indies
CBI China - Burma - India Theater
CENPAC Central Pacific Area (Navy Command)
Included the area between 42° North and the Equator to the south, including Hawaii, the Gilberts and Marshalls, the Mandated Islands, and Japan itself.
CZ Canal Zone
D.C. District of Columbia
ETO European Theater of Operations
MIDPAC Middle Pacific (Army) Command.
Comprising the Hawaiian islands, Midway Atoll, Wake Atoll, Guam, Johnston Island, and Palmyra Island
MTO Mediterranean Theater of Operations
Included North Africa, and the Mediterranean. Succeeded the North African Theater of Operations (NATO).
NATO North African Theater of Operations. Included North Africa, and the Mediterranean. Replaced in 1943 by the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (MTO).
NOPAC North Pacific Area
The area from 42° North, and from the US West Coast westwards to Asia, including the Aleutian Islands, and the Kurile Islands.
NEI Netherlands East Indies
POA Pacific Ocean Areas (Navy Command)
Included most of the Pacific Ocean and its islands, excluding mainland Asia, the Philippines, Australia, the Netherlands East Indies, the Territory of New Guinea (including the Bismarck Archipelago) and the western part of the Solomon Islands. It consisted of three subordinate commands, namely the North Pacific Area (NOPAC), Central Pacific Area (CENPAC), and the South Pacific Area (SOPAC).
PR Puerto Rico
SEPAC South East Pacific Area (Navy Command)
A broad band of ocean which extended south from the equator, between longitude 110° West and the Central and South American coasts. It was under separate command and never became an active theater.
SOPAC South Pacific Area (Navy Command)
South of the equator, between the South West Pacific Area and longitude 110° West.
SWPA South West Pacific Area (Army Command)
Consisted of the Philippines, Borneo, the Dutch East Indies (excluding Sumatra), East Timor, Australia, the Territories of Papua and New Guinea, and the western part of the Solomon Islands.
TA Territory of Alaska
TH Territory of Hawaii
US United States
VI Virgin Islands
British Counties
This is a listing of British counties as they were in World War II. In some cases, designations, geographic areas covered, or composition have been changed or even dropped since then.
Abbreviation County Region
Abers. Aberdeenshire Scotland
Armagh County Armagh Northern Ireland
Ang. Anglesey Wales
Angus Angus Scotland
Antrim County Antrim Northern Ireland
Argyll. Argyllshire Scotland
Ayrs. Ayrshire Scotland
Banff. Banffshire Scotland
Beds. Bedfordshire England
Berks. Berkshire England
Bwick. Berwickshire Scotland
Brec. Brecknockshire Wales
Bucks. Buckinghamshire England
Bute County of Bute (Buteshire) Scotland
Caerns. Caernarvonshire Wales
Caith. Caithness Scotland
Cambs. Cambridgeshire England
Cards. Cardiganshire Wales
Carmar. Carmarthenshire Wales
Ches. Cheshire England
Clacks. Clackmannanshire Scotland
Cornwl. Cornwall England
Cumb. Cumberland England
Cumbria Cumbria England
Denb. Denbighshire Wales
Derbys. Derbyshire England
Derrry County Derry (Londonderry) Northern Ireland
Devon. Devon(shire) England
Dorset. Dorset(shire) England
Down County Down Northern Ireland
Dumfrs. Dumfriesshire Scotland
Dunb. Dunbartonshire Scotland
Dundee Dundee Scotland
Durham Durham England
E.Lothian East Lothian Scotland
Essex Essex England
Fermanagh County Fermanagh Northern Ireland
Fife Fife Scotland
Flints. Flintshire Wales
Glam. Glamorgan Wales
Glasgow Glasgow Scotland
Gloucs. Gloucestershire England
Hants. Hampshire England
Heref. Herefordshire England
Herts. Hertfordshire England
Hunts. Huntingdonshire England
Inverness. Inverness-shire Scotland
Kent Kent England
Kin. Kincardineshire Scotland
Kinross. Kinross-shire Scotland
Kirkbt. Kirkcudbrightshire Scotland
Lnrks. Lanarkshire Scotland
Lancs. Lancashire England
Leics. Leicestershire England
Lincs. Lincolnshire England
Meri. Merionethshire Wales
Middx. Middlesex England
Midl. Midlothian Scotland
Mon. Monmouthshire Wales
Montg. Montgomeryshire Wales
Moray County of Moray Scotland
Nairns. Nairnshire Scotland
Norfolk Norfolk England
Northants. Northamptonshire England
Northumb. Northumberland England
Notts. Nottinghamshire England
Orkneys Orkney Islands Scotland
Oxon. Oxfordshire England
Peebles. Peeblesshire Scotland
Pem. Pembrokeshire Wales
Perth. Perthshire Scotland
Rad. Radnorshire Wales
Ren. Renfrewshire Scotland
R.&C. Ross and Cromarty Scotland
Roxb. Roxburghshire Scotland
Rutland Rutland England
Sel. Selkirkshire Scotland
Shetlands Shetland Islands Scotland
Shrops. (Salop.) Shropshire England
Somst. (Somset.) Somersetshire England
Staffs. Staffordshire England
Stirl. Stirlingshire Scotland
Suffolk Suffolk England
Surrey Surrey England
Sussex Sussex England
Suth. Sutherland Scotland
Tyrone County Tyrone Northern Ireland
Warks. Warwickshire England
W.Lothian West Lothian Scotland
Westm. Westmorland England
Wigs. Wigtownshire Scotland
Wilts. Wiltshire England
Worcs. Worcestershire England
Yorks. Yorkshire England
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