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United States Navy and United States Coast Guard
Hull Types
Ship Types
AB Crane Ship
AC Collier
ACO Collier with tanker capacity
ACM Auxiliary Minelayer
ACV Auxiliary Aircraft Carrier (CVE)
AD Destroyer Tender
ADG Degaussing Ship
AE Ammunition Ship
AEL Small Ammunition Ship
AF Stores Ship
AFD Mobile Floating Crane
AFDB Large Auxiliary Floating Drydock (Non-Self-Propelled)
AFDL(C) Small Auxiliary Floating Drydock (Concrete)
AFDM Medium Auxiliary Floating Drydock (Non-Self-Propelled)
AFS Combat Stores Ship
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary
AGB Icebreaker
AGC Amphibious Force Command Ship
AGCL Small Communications Ship
AGD Seagoing Dredge
AGDE Escort Research Ship
AGDS Deep Submergence Support Ship
AGF Miscellaneous Command Ship
AGL Lighthouse Tender
AGP Patrol Craft Tender
AGOR Oceanographic Research Ship
AGM Mine Craft Tender
AGS Surveying Ship
AGT Target Service Ship
AH Hospital Ship
AK Cargo Ship
AKA Attack Cargo Ship
AKD Deephold Cargo Ship
AKE Ammunition Transport
AKF Refrigerated Cargo Ship
AKL Light Cargo Ship
AKN Net Cargo Ship
AKS General Stores Ship
AKV Cargo Ship & Aircraft Ferry
AL Lighthouse Ship
ALS Auxiliary Lighter Ship
AM Minesweeper
AMc Coastal Minesweeper
AMA Auxiliary Minesweeper
AMM Motor Minesweeper
AMS High Speed Minesweeper
AN Net-Laying Ship
AO Fleet Oiler (transports oil and can refuel ships at sea)
AOT Tanker for oil (only transports oil)
AOG Tanker for gasoline (only transports gasoline)
AP Transport (passenger and/or cargo transport)
APA Attack Transport
APB Self-Propelled Barracks Ship
APc Coastal Transport
APD Destroyer Transport (High Speed)
APH Evacuation Transport
APL Barracks Ship (Non-Self-Propelled)
APM Mechanized Artillery Transport
APS Transport Submarine
APV Transport & Aircraft Ferry
AR Repair Ship
ARB Battle-Damage Repair Ship
ARC Cable Repair Ship
ARD Auxiliary Repair Drydock (Floating Repair Drydock)
ARG Repair Ship, Internal Combustion Engine
ARH Repair Ship, Heavy Hull
ARL Repair Ship, Landing Craft
ARS Salvage Ship
ARS(T) Salvage Vessel Tender
ARV Aircraft Repair Ship
ARV(A) Aircraft Repair Ship (Aircraft)
ARV(E) Aircraft Repair Ship (Engines)
AS Submarine Tender
ASR Submarine Rescue Vessel
AT Tug
ATA Auxiliary Tug
ATF Ocean-Going Tug, Fleet
ATO Ocean-Going Tug, old
ATR Rescue Tug
ATS Salvage & Rescue Ship
AV Seaplane Tender
AVB Advanced Aviation Base Ship
AVC Catapult Tender
AVD Seaplane Tender (Destroyer)
AVG Escort Vessel (Aircraft) = CVE
AVP Small Seaplane Tender
AVS Aviation Supply Ship
AVT Auxiliary Aircraft Transport Ship
AW Distilling Ship
AWK Water Tanker
AX Training Vessel
AXS Sail Training Vessel
AZ Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft Tender
BB Battleship
BBc Coastal Battleship
BC Battle Cruiser
CA Heavy Cruiser
CL Light Cruiser
CL(AA) Light Cruiser (Antiaircraft)
CM Minelayer
CMc Coastal Minelayer
CV Aircraft Carrier (Fleet)
CVE Aircraft Carrier (Escort)
CVL Aircraft Carrier (Light)
CVS Aircraft Carrier (Seaplane)
CX Armed Mechant Cruiser
DD Destroyer
DE Destroyer Escort
DM Light Minelayer
DMS Fast Minesweeper (Destroyer)
IX Unclassified, miscellaneous
SM Submarine (Mine Laying)
SS Submarine
Patrol Craft
PB Patrol Boat
PC Submarine Chaser/Corvette
PCE Patrol Craft (Escort)
PCS Patrol Craft (Sweeper)
PE Patrol Craft (Eagle Boat)
PF Patrol Craft (Frigate)
PG Patrol Craft (Gun Boat)
PGM Patrol Craft (Gun Boat Minelayer)
PR Patrol Craft (River Gunboat)
PS Patrol Sloop
PT Patrol Craft (Motor Torpedo Boat)
PTC Patrol Craft (Motor Torpedo Boat, Submarine Chaser)
PY Patrol Craft (Small Converted Yacht)
PYc Patrol Craft (Converted Coastal Yacht)
SC Submarine Chaser (Wooden Hull)
Coast Guard Vessels
CGC Coast Guard Cutter
WAG Miscellaneous Auxiliaries
WAGL Lighthouse Tender
WAK Cargo SHip
WAL Lightship
WAO Oiler
WARC Cable-Laying Ship
WAT Oceangoing Tug
WIX Unclassified Miscellaneous
WPC Patrol Cutter
WPG Gun Boat (Cruising Cutter)
WPR River Gunboat
WPY Yacht
WPYc Coastal Yacht
WSC Submarine Chaser
WYP District Patrol Vessel
WYT Yard Tug
Merchant Marine
XAK Cargo Ship, Merchant Marine Manned
XAO Tanker, Merchant Marine Manned
Landing Craft Types
LC(FF) Landing Craft, Flotilla Flagship
LCC Landing Craft, Control
LCI Landing Craft, Infantry
LCI(G) Landing Craft, Infantry (Gunboat)
LCI(L) Landing Craft, Infantry (Large)
LCI(M) Landing Craft, Infantry (Mortar)
LCI(R) Landing Craft, Infantry (Rocket)
LCM Landing Craft, Mechanized
LCP(L) Landing Craft, Personnel (Large)
LCP(R) Landing Craft, Personnel (Ramp)
LCR(L) Landing Craft, Rubber (Large)
LCS(L) Landing Craft, Support (Large)
LCS(S) Landing Craft, Support (Small)
LCT Landing Craft, Tank
LCV Landing Craft, Vehicle
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle & Personnel
LSD Landing Ship, Dock
LSS Landing Ship, Stern Chute
LSM Landing Ship, Medium
LSM(R) Landing Ship, Medium (Rocket)
LST Landing Ship, Tank
LSV Landing Ship, Vehicle
LVT Landing Vehicle, Tracked
LVT(A) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Armored)
LVT(G) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Gunboat)
LVT(L) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Large)
LVT(M) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Mortar)
LVT(R) Landing Vehicle, Tracked (Rocket)
Yard and District Craft
YA Ash Lighter
YAG District Auxiliary, Miscellaneous
YC Open Lighter
YCD Fuelling Barge
YCK Open Cargo Lighter
YCV Aircraft Transportation Lighter
YD Floating Derrick
YDD District Derrick, Floating
YDG Degaussing Vessel
YDT Diving Tender
YE Ammunition Lighter
YF Covered Lighter
YFB Ferry Boat or Launch
YFC Car Floats
YFD Floating Dry Dock (Non-Self-Propelled)
YFT Torpedo Transportation Lighter
YG Garbage Lighter
YH Ambulance Boat
YHB House Boat
YHT Heating Scow
YLA Open Landing Lighter
YM Dredge
YMS Motor Mine Sweeper
YMT Motor Tug
YN Net Tenders (Gate Craft)
YNG Gate Vessel (Non-Self-Propelled)
YNT Net Tenders (Tug Class)
YO Fuel Oil Barge (Self-Propelled)
YOG Gasoline Barge
YOS Oil Storage Barge
YP District Patrol Vessel (“Yippies”)
YPD Pile Driver (Floating)
YPK Pontoon Storage Barge
YR Floating Workshop (Non-Self-Propelled)
YRD(H) Floating Workshop, Drydock (Hull)
YRD(M) Floating Workshop, Drydock (Machinery)
YS Stevadoring Barge
YSD Seaplane Wrecking Derrick
YSP Salvage Pontoon
YSR Sludge Removal Barge
YT Harbor Tug
YTB Harbor Tug, Big
YTL Harbor Tug, Little
YTM Harbor Tug, Medium
YTR Harbor Tug, Small
YTT Torpedo Testing Barges
YW Water Barge (Self-Propelled)
YY Motor Boat (General Purpose)
M/S Motor Ship   (civilian vessel — diesel powered)
S/S Steam Ship   (civilian vessel — steam powered)
USAT United States Army Transport   (a US Army vessel)
USS United States Ship   (a US Navy vessel)
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