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United States Armed Forces
Aircraft Designations, Manufacturers, and Types

(This list is far from complete. If you have an aircraft designation you cannot find here, check one of these pages for an explanation of the US aircraft designation.)
All you ever wanted to know about …
USAF Aircraft Designations
but were afraid to ask. And you were RIGHT!
All you ever wanted to know about …
USN, USMC, and USCG Aircraft Designations
but were afraid to ask. And you were RIGHT!
USAAF Aircraft
Designation Manufacturer and Name Type
A-11 Consolidated Attack Aircraft
A-12 Curtiss Shrike Attack Aircraft
A-12A Curtiss / Douglas Shrike Attack Aircraft
A-17 Northrop Attack Aircraft
A-20A Douglas Havoc Attack Aircraft
A-24 Douglas Dauntless Attack Aircraft
A-25 Curtiss Helldiver Attack Aircraft
A-26 Douglas Invader Attack Aircraft
A-27 North American Attack Aircraft
A-28 Lockheed Hudson Attack Aircraft
A-29 Lockheed Hudson Attack Aircraft
A-30 Glenn L. Martin Baltimore Attack Aircraft
AT-6 North American Texan Advanced Trainer
B-12A Glenn L. Martin Bomber
B-16 Glenn L. Martin Bomber
B-17 Boeing Flying Fortress Bomber
B-18 Douglas Bolo Bomber
B-23 Douglas Dragon Bomber
B-24 Consolidated Liberator Bomber
B-25 North American Mitchell Bomber
B-26 Glenn L. Martin Marauder Bomber
B-29 Boeing Superfortress Bomber
BT-2BI Douglas Biplane Basic Instrument Trainer
BT-13 Vultee Valiant Basic Trainer
BT-14 North American Basic Trainer
BT-15 Vultee Valiant Basic Trainer
C-102 Rearwin Transport Aircraft
C-104 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
C-105 Boeing Transport Aircraft
C-109 Consolidated Transport Aircraft
C-14 Fokker-Atlantic Transport Aircraft
C-15 Fokker-Atlantic Transport Aircraft
C-16 Fokker-Atlantic Transport Aircraft
C-18 Boeing Transport Aircraft
C-19 Northrop Transport Aircraft
C-20 Fokker-Atlantic Transport Aircraft
C-21 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-26 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-27 Bellanca Transport Aircraft
C-28 Sikorsky Transport Aircraft
C-29 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-31 Kreider-Reisner Transport Aircraft
C-33 Douglas (DC-2-145) Transport Aircraft
C-33 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-34 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-36 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
C-37 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
C-38 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-39 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-40 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
C-41 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-42 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-44 Messerschmitt Transport Aircraft
C-45 Beechraft Expeditor Transport Aircraft
C-46 Curtiss Commando Transport Aircraft
C-47 Douglas Skytrain (DC-3) Transport Aircraft
C-48 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-49 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-50 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-51 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-52 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-53 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-54 Douglas Skymaster Transport Aircraft
C-55 Curtiss Transport Aircraft
C-56 Lockheed Lodestar Transport Aircraft
C-57 Lockheed Lodestar Transport Aircraft
C-58 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-59 Lockheed Lodestar Transport Aircraft
C-60 Lockheed Lodestar Transport Aircraft
C-64 Noorduyn Norseman Transport Aircraft
C-66 Lockheed Lodestar Transport Aircraft
C-69 Lockheed Constellation Transport Aircraft
C-73 Boeing Transport Aircraft
C-74 Douglas Globemaster Transport Aircraft
C-75 Boeing Stratoliner Transport Aircraft
C-76 Curtiss Caravan Transport Aircraft
C-77 Cessna Transport Aircraft
C-79 Junkers Transport Aircraft
C-80 Harlow Transport Aircraft
C-82 Fairchild Packet Transport Aircraft
C-83 Piper Transport Aircraft
C-84 Douglas Transport Aircraft
C-86 Fairchild Transport Aircraft
C-87 Consolidated Liberator Express Transport Aircraft
C-88 Fairchild Transport Aircraft
C-89 Hamilton Transport Aircraft
C-90 Luscombe Transport Aircraft
C-91 Stinson Transport Aircraft
C-92 Akron-Funk Transport Aircraft
C-95 Taylorcraft Transport Aircraft
C-97 Boeing Stratofreighter Transport Aircraft
C-98 Boeing Transport Aircraft
L-5 Stinson Sentinel Liaison Aircraft
L-17 North American Navion Liaison Aircraft
O-47B North American Observation
O-49 Stinson Vigilant Observation
OA-8 Sikorsky Observation - Amphibious
OA-9 Grumman Goose Observation - Amphibious
OA-10A Consolidated Catalina Flying Boat - Amphibious
P-26 Boeing Peashooter Fighter
P-26 Boeing Fighter
P-30 Consolidated Fighter
P-35 Seversky Fighter
P-36 Curtis Hawk Fighter
P-38 Lockheed Lightning Fighter
P-39 Bell Airacobra Fighter
P-40 Curtiss Warhawk Fighter
P-43 Republic Lancer Fighter
P-44 Republic Rocket Fighter
P-45 Bell Airacobra Fighter
P-46 Curtiss Fighter
P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter
P-47 Republic Thunderbolt Fighter
P-51 North American Mustang Fighter
P-59 Aircomet Fighter
P-61 Black Widow Fighter
P-64 North American Fighter
PT-17 Stearman Kaydet Biplane Primary Trainer
PT-18 Stearman Kaydet Biplane Primary Trainer
PT-19 Fairchild Cornell Primary Trainer
UC-100 Northrop Transport Aircraft
UC-101 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
UC-103 Grumman Transport Aircraft
UC-43 Beechcraft Traveller Transport Aircraft
UC-61 Fairchild Forwarder Transport Aircraft
UC-67 Douglas Transport Aircraft
UC-70 Howard Transport Aircraft
UC-71 Spartan Transport Aircraft
UC-72 Waco Transport Aircraft
UC-78 Cessna Bobcat Transport Aircraft
UC-81 Stinson Reliant Transport Aircraft
UC-85 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
UC-96 Fairchild Transport Aircraft
XA-14 Curtiss "Shrike II" Attack Aircraft
XA-15 Martin Attack Aircraft
XA-16 Northrop Attack Aircraft
XA-21 Boeing-Stearman Attack Aircraft
XA-22 Glenn L. Martin Maryland Attack Aircraft
XA-23 Glenn L. Martin Attack Aircraft
XB-19 Douglas Bomber
XB-21 North American Bomber
XB-22 Douglas Bomber
XB-27 Glenn L. Martin Bomber
XB-28 North American Dragon Bomber
XC-35 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
XC-99 Convair Transport Aircraft
XP-31 Curtiss Swift Fighter
XP-32 Boeing Fighter
XP-33 Consolidated Fighter
XP-34 Wedell-Williams Fighter
XP-41 Seversky/Republic Fighter
XP-42 Curtiss Fighter
XP-48 Douglas Fighter
XP-49 Lockheed Fighter
XP-50 Grumman Fighter
XP-52 Bell Fighter
Y1A-18 Curtiss Attack Aircraft
Y1B-20 Boeing Bomber
Y1C-17 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
Y1C-22 Consolidated Transport Aircraft
Y1C-23 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
Y1C-24 American Transport Aircraft
Y1C-25 Lockheed Transport Aircraft
YA-13 Northrop Attack Aircraft
YA-19 Vultee Attack Aircraft
YC-108 Boeing Transport Aircraft
YC-30 Curtiss Condor Transport Aircraft
YP-29 Boeing Fighter
YP-37 Curtiss Fighter
USN & USMC & USCG Aircraft
Designation Manufacturer and Name Type
BG-1 Goodyear Great Lakes Airship
F2A Brewster Buffalo Fighter
F3A Brewster Corsair Fighter
F4B Boeing Fighter
F4F Grumman Wildcat Fighter
F4U Chance-Vaught Corsair Fighter
F5F Grumman Skyrocket Fighter
F6C Curtiss Hawk Fighter
F6F Grumman Hellcat Fighter
F7F Grumman Tigercat Fighter
F8F Grumman Bearcat Fighter
FG Goodyear Corsair Fighter
FM General Motors Eastern
Aircraft Division Wildcat
HS Curtiss Reconnaissance
J2F Grumman Duck Floatplane
JN Curtis Jenny Trainer
JO-2 Lockheed Electra Transport
JRB Beech Expeditor / Voyager Transport
JRF Grumman Goose Floatpane
JRS Sikorsky (Baby Clipper) Utility Transport
N2T Timm Tutor Primary Trainer
N3N Naval Aircraft Factory Canary Primary Trainer Biplane Seaplane
N9 Curtiss Trainer
NP-1 Spartan Aircraft Company Trainer
O2B Boeing Observation
O2U Vought-Sikorsky (Corsair ?) Observation
OD-1 Douglas Observation
OS2U Vought Kingfisher Observation
OY Stinson Sentinel Observation
PB2B Boeing Canada Catalina Flying Boat / Patrol Bomber
PBM Glenn L. Martin Mariner Flying Boat / Patrol Bomber
PBN Naval Aircraft Factory
Catalina / Nomad
Flying Boat / Patrol Bomber
PBO Navy Lockheed Hudson Patrol Bomber
PBY Consolidated Catalina Flying Boat / Patrol Bomber
PB4Y Consolidated Liberator / Privateer Flying Boat / Patrol Bomber
PBJ North American Mitchell Flying Boat / Patrol Bomber
PV Vega Ventura Patrol Bomber
R3D Douglas Transport
R4D Douglas Skytrain Transport
R5C Curtiss Commando Transport
R5D Douglas Skymaster Transport
RB Budd Conestoga Transport
RD Douglas Sindbad / Dolphin Transport
R2D Douglas Transport
R3D Douglas Transport
R5D Douglas Skymaster Transport
R2O Lockheed Electra Transport
R3O Lockheed Electra Transport
SB2A Brewster Buccaneer Scout-bomber
SB2C Curtiss Helldiver Scout Dive-Bomber
SB2U (Chance-)Vought Vindicator Scout Dive-Bomber
SBC Curtiss Helldiver Biplane Dive-Bomber
SBD Douglas Dauntless Scout Dive-Bomber
SBF Fairchild Canada Helldiver Scout Dive-Bomber
SBW Canadian Car & Foundry Helldiver Scout Dive-Bomber
SC Curtis Seahawk Scout Obeservation Floatplane
SF-2 Sablatnig Reconnaissance/Trainer Floatplane
SNJ North American Texan Scout Trainer
SOC Curtiss Seagull Scout Obeservation Floatplane
SO2C Curtiss Seagull Scout Obeservation Floatplane
SO3C Curtiss Seamew Scout Obeservation Floatplane
SON Naval Aircraft Seagull Scout Obeservation Floatplane
SOR Ryan Seamew Floatplane - Scout Obeservation
TBD Douglas Devastator Torpedo Bomber
TBF Grumman Avenger Torpedo Bomber
TBM General Motors Eastern
Aircraft Division Avenger
Torpedo Bomber
TBY Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corp.
Sea Wolf
Torpedo Bomber
UF-1 Albatross Utility
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