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United States Armed Forces
BM Boatswain's Mate (enlisted rank)
Grade Army Marine Corps Navy Coast Guard Grade
G5 GA General of the Army     F.Adm. Fleet Admiral     G5
G4 GEN General     Adm. Admiral     G4
G3 LTG Lieutenant General LTG Lieutenant General V.Adm. Vice Admiral     G3
G2 MG Major General MG Major General R.Adm. Rear Admiral [1] R.Adm. Rear Admiral [1] G2
G1 BG Brigadier General BG Brigadier General Comd. Commodore [1] Comd. Commodore [1] G1
O6 COL Colonel COL Colonel Capt. Captain Capt. Captain O6
O5 LTC Lieutenant Colonel LTC Lieutenant Colonel Cdr. Commander Cdr. Commander O5
O4 MAJ Major MAJ Major Lt. Cdr. Lieutenant Commander Lt. Cdr. Lieutenant Commander O4
O3 CPT Captain CPT Captain Lt. Lieutenant Lt. Lieutenant O3
O2 1LT 1st Lieutenant  1LT 1st Lieutenant  Lt. (jg) Lieutenant (junior grade) Lt. (jg) Lieutenant (junior grade) O2
O1 2LT 2nd Lieutenant  2LT 2nd Lieutenant  Ens. Ensign Ens. Ensign O1
BMC Chief Boatswain Mate [2] BMC Chief Boatswain Mate [2]
MC Boatswain Mate [3] MC Boatswain Mate [3]
[1] Up to 8 April 1943 the USN G1 pay grade was Rear Admiral (Lower Half), abbreviated as R.Adm. (LH),
and the G2 pay grade was know as Rear Admiral (Upper Half), abbreviated as R.Adm. (UH).
[2] Chief Boatswain Mates (senior enlisted rating = title); besides senior NCO duties, could also be appointed petty officer-in-charge of picketboats, self-propelled barges, tugs, and other yard and district craft, and were occasionally also appointed petty officer-in-charge of ships before they were commissioned.
[3] Boatswain Mates (enlisted rating = title).
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