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Imperial Japanese Army
GEN General
LTG Lieutenant General
MG Major General
BG Brigadier General
COL Colonel
LTC Lieutenant Colonel
MAJ Major
CPT Captain
1LT 1st Lieutenant
2LT 2nd Lieutenant
AA Antiaircraft
AAB Army Air Base
AAF Army Air Field
AAMG Antiaircraft Machine Gun
Ammo Ammunition
ATG Antitank Gun
ATR Antitank Rifle
Avn Aviation
Bn Battalion
Brig Brigade
Cav Cavalry
(CE) Combat Engineer
Co Company
Cons Construction
Det Detachment
Div Division
Engr Engineer
FA Field Artillery
Fld Field
GD grenade discharger ("knee mortar")
HMG Heavy Machine Gun
Hqs Headquarters
GGM Netherlands East Indies Colonial Navy (gemilitariseerde Gouvernements Marine)
Hvy Heavy
IJA Imperial Japanese Army
IJN Imperial Japanese Navy
KIA Killed in Action
LMG Light Machine Gun
LOC Line-of-Communications (Logistics)
MMG Medium Machine Gun
Mtn Mountain
NAB Naval Air Base
NAS Naval Air Station
NCO Non-commissioned Officer(s)
NEI Netherlands East Indies (Indonesia)
Plt Platoon
Recon Reconnaissance
Rgt Regiment
RR Railroad (Railway)
Sect Section
SNLF Special Naval Landing Force (IJN Naval Infantry)
Sqd Squad
Sqdn Squadron
Transp Transport
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