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Imperial Japanese Navy
Adm Admiral
VAdm Vice Admiral
RAdm Rear Admiral
Capt Captain
Cdr Commander
LtCdr Lieutenant Commander
Lt Lieutenant
Lt(jg) Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Ens Ensign
Mid Midshipman
CWO Chief Warrant Officer
WO Warrant Officer
PO1 1st Class Petty Officer
PO2 2nd Class Petty Officer
Cmdr ? commanding officer unknown
Resv Reserve Officer
(M) Civilian Merchantile Officer
Japanese Naval Air Positions
Hiko-cho Commander, (Naval) Air Group
Hikotai-cho Leader, (Naval) Air Group (carrier-based)
Kokutai-cho Leader, Air Group (land-based)
Buntai-cho Flight Leader
AA Anti-Aircraft
AAB Army Air Base
AAMG Antiaircraft Machine Gun
Ammo Ammunition
ARC Prefix for Columbian Navy's ship
(Armada de la República de Colombia)
Bty Battery
CAP Combat Air Patrol
CarRon Aircraft Carrier Squadron
CNS Chinese Navy Ship
CO Commanding Officer
CoS Chief-of-Staff
Co. Company
Cons Construction
Det Detachment
DesDiv Destroyer Division
DesRon Destroyer Squadron
DOW Died of Wounds
(F) Flagship
(FF) Fleet/Force Flagship
FAA Fleet Air Arm (British Royal Navy)
GGM Netherlands East Indies Colonial Government Navy (Gemilitariseerde Gouvernementsmarine)
G.m.s Prefix for Netherlands East Indies Colonial Government's ship (Gouvernements Marine Schip)
GRT Gross Registered Tonnage  [  External Link to Wiki  ] 
HMG Heavy Machine Gun
HMS Prefix for British Royal Navy ship (His Majesty's Ship)
Hqs Headquarters
HrMs Prefix for Royal Dutch Navy ships (Harer Majesteits)
Hvy Heavy
KIA Killed in Action
KPM Dutch shipping company in Netherlands East Indies
(Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij)
LMG Light Machine Gun
Maru Merchant Ship, also when requisitioned by IJA or IJN
MMG Medium Machine Gun
NAB Naval Air Base
NAG Naval Air Group
NAF Naval Air Flotilla
NAS Naval Air Station
NEI Netherlands East Indies (Netherlands Colonial Indonesia)
N.I.T. Netherlands East Indies Steam Tanker Co.
(Nederlandsch-Indische Tankstoomboot Mij.)
NLF Naval Landing Force (provisional unit, usually comprising part of the named ship's crew)
nm nautical mile(s) [Internal Link]
NSB Naval Seaplane Base
RFA Royal Fleet Auxiliary
RN Abbreviation for Royal Navy. Note the prefix for the Royal Navy' ships was "HMS" (His Majesty's Ship)
RN Prefix for Italain Navy ship (Regia Nave)
ROCS Republic of China Ship
RS Prefix for Italain Navy submarine (Regio Sottomarino)
sea truck Ships that are less than 500 GRT and have no names (or names not found.)
SBF Special Base Force
SCAJAP Shipping Control Authority for Japanese Merchant Marine (Post-war US Navy control organ of all ships over 100 gross tons operated by the Japanese.)
SMN Netherlands Steamship Company (Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland)
SNLF Special Naval Landing Force (IJN Naval Infantry)
Sqdn Squadron
S/S Steamship; also defined as Screw Steamer.
Civilian merchant marine vessel
SubDiv Submarine Division
SubRon Submarine Squadron
USAT US Army Transport
XO Executive Officer
IJN Vessels
Class Type
AC Collier
ACM Auxiliary Minelayer
ACO Collier with tanker capacity
AD Destroyer Tender
AE Ammunition Transport Ship
AF Refrigerated Ship
AFD Mobile Floating Crane
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary
AGB Icebreaker
AGM Mine Craft Tender
AGMR Communications Ship
AGP Patrol Craft Tender
AGS Surveying Ship
AGT Torpedo Recovery Vessel
AH Hospital Ship
AK Stores Ship (transports food, provisions, and supplies)
AM Minesweeper
AMA Auxiliary Minesweeper
AMc Coastal Minesweeper
AN Net-Laying Ship
AO Fleet Oiler (transports fuel oil, can refuel ships at sea)
AOT Tanker (transports petroleum products from port to port)
AOG Gasoline Tanker (only transports gasoline)
AP Transport (a general purpose personnel and/or cargo transport vessel)
APA Attack Transport
AR Repair Ship
ARC Cable Repair or Laying Ship
ARS Salvage Ship
AS Submarine Tender
AT Tug Boat
ATS Salvage and Repair Tug Boat
AV Seaplane Tender (converted merchantman)
AVB Advanced Aviation Base Ship (Flying Boat Tender)
AVS Aviation Service Vessel
AVT Auxiliary Aircraft Transport
AW Distilling Ship / Water Tanker
BB Battleship
CA Large/Heavy Cruiser
CD Coastal Defense Ship (Former Armored Cruiser)
CL Light Cruiser
CM Mine Layer
CMN Dual-purpose Mine and Net Layer
CMc Coastal Mine Layer
CV Fleet Aircraft Carrier
CVE Escort Aircraft Carrier
CVL Small Aircraft Carrier
CVS Seaplane Carrier (purpose-built)
CX Armed Mechant Cruiser
DD Fleet Destroyer
DE Destroyer Escort
LS Landing Ship
LST Landing Ship Tank
PB Patrol Motor Boat
PBc Coastal Patrol Motor Boat
PC Submarine Chaser
PE Escort, Patrol Boat
PG Gunboat
PM Gunboat Minelayer
PR River Gunboat
PT Motor Torpedo Boat
PY Small Converted Yacht
SS Submarine
YP District Patrol Vessel

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