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– Errata –
Leo W.G. Niehorster
" The Royal Hungarian Army 1920 - 1945 "
Axis Europa, New York, 1998
Research into military history, and especially orders of battle, is an ongoing love affair. Besides correcting omissions, I have corrected several entries, particularly those pertaining to the 1941 Yugoslavian Campaign and the Hungarian Occupation Forces. Please note, new order of battle data will only be incorporated into the Hungarian section of this site.
See Commands, Formations, and Units

Should any reader possess more, or different information, or even the original documents thereto (slurp), I would appreciate hearing from them, so that this information can be added here, and in a future published edition, the corresponding corrections can be inserted in the book for the benefit of all. Due credit will be given.

The embarrassingly numerous errors of spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. have not been corrected. *

* The manuscript had originally been typeset by yours truly with Adobe PageMaker in 'A4' format. The publisher desired 'US Letter' format. Fair enough, it was to be published in the USA. However, this meant that all the maps and charts had to be modified. Furthermore, for those of you unfamiliar with this software, the layout and the text flow of every single page of the manuscript had to be amended. As I had adopted the page layout of separating paragraphs with a blank line, (subsections required extra spacing above, and at least a full paragraph on a page), columns with at least two lines of text, and three columns of the same length, this meant a lot of renewed playing around with the sentence structure, changing, adding, or deleting words and paragraphs of all chapters to once again achieve the correct desired appearance. The same applied to the comment bars and casualty summaries. During this process, I committed quit a few errors, adding to those already present through my previous negligence, oversight, ignorance, etc. The appearance is fine, but the sentences sometimes lack cohesion, and the grammar limps along. Unfortunately, I did all my own proofreading - a third party, and/or the publishers did not. I assumed that the publisher would arrange copy editing and proofreading, but he did not. Much to my chagrin when I received my first published, totally uncorrected copy.
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