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Kingdom of the Netherlands Armed Forces
Terms and Abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning Explanation
A Artillerie artillery
AAMG – antiaircraft machine gun
AAPC – Australian Army (??) Corps
AASC – Australian Army Service Corps
ACM – auxiliary minelyer
AG – miscellaneous auxiliary ship
AGP – patrol craft tender
AGS – survey ship
AH – hospital ship
AM – minesweeper
AMc – coastal minesweeper
AO – oil tanker ('oiler')
Aooi Adjudant onderofficier instructeur Warrant Officer
Art Artillerie artillery
AS – submarine tender
AT – transport
Bg berg mountain
Brig – Brigade
(cc) – cross-country mobility
CL Commandant Luchtstrijdkrachten Commandant - Air Forces
CL – light cruiser
CM – minelayer
CML Commandant Militaire Luchtvaart Commander Army Aviation
CMM Commandant Maritieme Middelen Commander Maritime Forces
CZM Commandant Zeemacht Commander-In-Chief Naval Forces in the NEI
DD – destroyer
DMA Depot Mobiele Artillerie Mobile Artillery Depot
D.Vl.A. Depôt Vliegtuiafdeling Air Transport Sqaudron
FF – flagship
GVT Groep Vliegtuijgen Naval Aviation Group
HMG – heavy machine gun
HupVA Hulpverbandplaatsafdeling mobile auxiliary first aid detachment
Hw houwitser howitzer
jhr. jonkheer Honorific denoting the lowest rank within the nobility.
IML Inspectie der Militaire Luchtvaart
Inspecteur der Militaire Luchtvaart
Military Aviation Inspectorate
Military Aviation Inspector
KNIL Koninklijk Nederlands-Indisch Leger Royal Netherlands East Indies Army
Ku kust coast
KV Kort Verband short term volunteers
  Landwacht rural volunteers not liable for military service
LAD – Light Aid Detachment
Ld Luchtdoel antiaircraft
LH Linker Half Left Half (half of an infantry battalion)
LMG – Light Machine Gun
LS Landstorm conscripts aged 32 to 55
  Marechaussι light infantry specializing in anti-guerrilla operations
MG – machine gun
  Militie Militia - conscripts aged 18 to 32
ML Wapen der Militaire Luchtvaart Army Aviation of the KNIL
MLD Marine Luchtvaart Dienst Naval Aviation
Mtn – mountain
NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer
NEI – Netherlands East Indies
OV overvalwagen open-topped motor car fitted with armor plates. See here
PE – patrol boat
PG – gunboat
PT – torpedo boat
RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force
RH Rechter Half Right Half (half of an infantry battalion)
RK Reservekorps pensioned former servicemen
SC – submarine chaser
Sect – section
SMI Sergeant-Majoor Instructeur Sergeant Major
SS – submarine
  Statwacht urban volunteers not liable for military service
Vd veld field
Vk.A. Verkenningsafdeling reconnaissance sqaudron
Vl.A. Vliegtuigafdeling air squadron
Vl.G. Vliegtuiggroep air group
YB – yacht
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