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Kingdom of the Netherlands Armed Forces
Grade Abbr Navy Gemilitariseerde
Gouvernementsmarine [1]
US Navy equivalent Abbr Army
Army Air Force
US Army equivalent
G5 Adm Admiraal van de vloot Fleet Admiral     General of the Army
G4 Ltadm Luitenant-Admiraal Admiral Gen Generaal General
G3 Vadm Vice-Admiraal Vice Admiral Ltgen Luitenant-Generaal  Lieutenant General
G2 Sbn Schout-bij-nacht Rear Admiral [2] Gmaj Generaal Major Major General
G1   Commodore [2] Brigadier General
O6 Kaptz Kapitein ter zee Captain Kol Kolonel Colonel
O5 Kaptltz Kapitein-luitenant ter zee Commander Lkol Luitenant-Kolonel Lieutenant Colonel
O4   Lieutenant Commander Maj Majoor Major
O3 Ltz 1 Luitenant ter zee der 1e klasse Gezaghebber Lieutenant Kpt
Officier-vlieger der 1e klasse
Captain (cavalry)
Captain (Air Branch)
O2 Ltz 2 Luitenant ter zee der 2e klasse 1ste Officier
1ste Werktuigkundige
Lieutenant (jg)
ships' engineers
Elt Eerste luitenant
Officier-vlieger der 2e klasse
1st Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant (Air Branch)
O1 Ltz 3 Luitenant ter zee der 3e klasse  2de and 3de Officier
2de and 3de Werktuigkundige
ships' engineers
Tlt Tweede luitenant
Officier-vlieger der 3e klasse
2nd Lieutenant
2nd Lieutenant (Air Branch)
    Adelborst   Midshipman Vdg Vaandrig Cadet
[1]  Gemilitariseerde Gouvernementsmarine is the Netherlands East Indies Colonial Navy.
[2]  Up to April 1943 the rank of Commodore was Rear Admiral (Lower Half), and Rear Admiral was know as Rear Admiral (Upper Half).
[3]  The air force ranks included the qualification of the person, i.e. 1st Lieutenant (Air Branch) pilot navigator, etc.
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