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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
Authorized Organizations
May 1940

     Infantry Division
     Motor Division
     Armoured Division
Non-Divisional Units
     Army Tank Brigade
     Armoured Reconnaissance Brigade
     Cavalry Armoured Car Regiment
     Infantry (Machine Gun) Battalion
     Infantry (Pioneer) Battalion
Non-Divisional Artillery
     Royal Horse Artillery Regiment (25-pdr)
     Army Field Regiment (18-pdr)
     Army Field Regiment (25-pdr)
     Medium Regiment, 6-inch Howitzer
     Medium Regiment, 60-pdr Gun
     Heavy Regiment (6-inch guns and 8-inch howitzers)
     Heavy Regiment (6-inch guns and 9.2-inch howitzers)
     Super Heavy 12-inch Road Howitzer Battery
Antiaircraft Artillery
     Anti-Aircraft Brigade (Base Defense)
     Anti-Aircraft Brigade (Base and Forward Defense)
     Anti-Aircraft Brigade (Searchlight)
     Antiaircraft Regiment (3-inch)(Base and Forward Defense)
     Antiaircraft Regiment (3.7-inch)(Base and Forward Defense)
     Antiaircraft Regiment (3-inch)(Base Defense)
     Antiaircraft Regiment (3.7-inch)(Base Defense)
     Light Antiaircraft Regiment

Non-Divisional Royal Corps of Signals
     GHQ Signals
Non-Divisional Royal Engineers
     Army Field Company
     Army Troops Company
     General Construction Company
     Road Construction Company
     Army Field Survey Company
     Tunneling Company (Railway)
Non-Divisional Royal Army Ordnance Corps
     Army Field Workshop
     Ordnance Field Park
     GHQ Troops Workshop
Non-Divisional Royal Army Service Corps
     Troop Carrying Company
     MT Works Services Company
     Ambulance Car Company
     Bridge Company
Non-Divisional Royal Army Medical Corps
     Field Ambulance
     Motor Ambulance Convoy
Labor Units
     Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps Units
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