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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
Authorized Organizations
May 1940

     Infantry Division
     Motor Division
     Armoured Division
Non-Divisional Units
     Army Tank Brigade
     Armoured Reconnaissance Brigade
     Cavalry Armoured Car Regiment
     Infantry (Machine Gun) Battalion
     Infantry (Pioneer) Battalion
Non-Divisional Artillery
     Commander, Corps Royal Artillery
     Commander, Corps Medium Artillery
     Royal Horse Artillery Regiment (25-pdr)
     Army Field Regiment (18-pdr)
     Army Field Regiment (25-pdr)
     Medium Regiment, 6-inch Howitzer
     Medium Regiment, 60-pdr Gun
     Heavy Regiment (6-inch guns and 8-inch howitzers)
     Heavy Regiment (6-inch guns and 9.2-inch howitzers)
     Super Heavy 12-inch Road Howitzer Battery
     Survey Regiment, Royal Artillery
Antiaircraft Artillery
     Anti-Aircraft Brigade (Base Defense)
     Anti-Aircraft Brigade (Base and Forward Defense)
     Anti-Aircraft Brigade (Searchlight)
     Antiaircraft Regiment (3-inch)(Base and Forward Defense)
     Antiaircraft Regiment (3.7-inch)(Base and Forward Defense)
     Antiaircraft Regiment (3-inch)(Base Defense)
     Antiaircraft Regiment (3.7-inch)(Base Defense)
     Light Antiaircraft Regiment

Non-Divisional Royal Corps of Signals
     Corps Signals
     GHQ Signals
Non-Divisional Royal Engineers
     Army Field Company
     Army Troops Company
     General Construction Company
     Road Construction Company
     Army Field Survey Company
     Corps Field Survey Company
     Corps Field Park Company
     Tunneling Company (Railway)
Non-Divisional Royal Army Ordnance Corps
     Army Field Workshop
     Ordnance Field Park
     GHQ Troops Workshop
Non-Divisional Royal Army Service Corps
     Corps Troops Supply Column
     Corps Troops Ammunition Park
     Corps Troops Ammunition Company
     Corps Troops Petrol Park
     Troop Carrying Company
     MT Works Services Company
     Ambulance Car Company
     Bridge Company
Non-Divisional Royal Army Medical Corps
     Field Ambulance
     Motor Ambulance Convoy
Labor Units
     Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps Units
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