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Belgian Armed Forces
1LT 1st lieutenant
AA antiaircraft
AAMG antiaircraft machine gun
ALVF Heavy Railroad Artillery
Artillerie Lourde sur Voie Ferrée
ammo ammunition
Arty Artillery
Asst. Assistant
AT antitank
ATG antitank gun
BAM Military Administration Staff Officer
Brevet d'Administrateur Militaire
BAR Browning Automatic Rifle
Fusil-Mitrailleur Modele 30
BEM General Staff Officer
Breveté d'État Major
BMA Military Administration Staff Officer
Brevet Militaire Administrateu
Btl Battalion
CA antiaircraft
contre aéronefs
Cav Cavalry
Cdr Commander
ChA Ardennes Light Infantry
Chasseurs Ardennais / Ardeense Jagers
ChaP Light Infantry
Chasseurs à Pied / Jagers te Voet
ChCh Mounted Light Infantry ("light dragoons")
Chasseurs à Cheval / Jagers te Paard
Cmd Command
Co Company
COL colonel
CoS Chief-of-Staff
Div Division(al)
CPT captain
DTCA Army Antiaircraft Artillery
Défense terrestre contre aéronefs
Engr Engineer
FN Belgian firearms manufacturer (in Herstal)
Fabrique Nationale. Full name is Fabrique Nationale Herstal
FRC Belgian armaments factory (in Liege)
Fonderie Royale de Canons
GHQ general headquarters
GrVLu Army Antiaircraft Artillery
Grondverdediging tegen Luchtvaartuigen
GTA Territorial Antiaircraft Defence
Garde Territoriale Anti-aérienne
How howitzer
HMG heavy machine gun
Hqs Headquarters
LMG light machine gun
Inf Infantry
LTC lieutenant colonel
LTG lieutenant genaral
MAB Military Administration Staff Officer
Militair Administratiebevret
MAJ major
MG machine gun
MG major general
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer(s)
Obsv. Observation
OZ Chemical Officer
Officier Z
OR Other Rank(s) (enlisted men, excluding sergeants)
PFA Antwerp Fortified Position
Position Fortifiée d'Anvers
PFL Liege Fortified Position
Position Fortifiée de Liège
PTT Belgian Post
Post, Telegraaf en Telefoon / Postes, Télégraphe et Téléphone
PFN Namur Fortified Position
Position Fortifiée de Namur
QM Quartermaster
Recon Reconnaissance
RFA Antwerp Fortress Regiment
Régiment de Forteresse d'Anvers
RFL Liege Fortress Regiment
Régiment de Forteresse de Liège
Rgt Regiment(al)
RFN Namur Fortress Regiment
Régiment de Forteresse de Namur
RFL Liege Fortress Regiment
Régiment de Forteresse de Liège
RTC replacement and training center
SF semi-fixed (static)
SBH General Staff Officer
Staf Brevet Houder
SOM French optical instruments firm
Société d'Optique et de Mécanique de haute précision
Sr.CPT senior captain
Captain-Commandant /
SVE Special Fortress Troops
Speciale Vestingseenheden
TCF Railroad Troops
troupes de chemins de fer
Trike Three wheeled motorcycle
(Could carry up to 550kg cargo or 5 passagers, including the driver.)
FN Tricar at Ecosia [Opens in new window]
TWL Territorial Antiaircraft Defence
Territoriale Wacht voor Luchtafweer
USF Special Fortress Troops
Unités Spéciales de Forteresse
VPA Antwerp Reinforced Position
Versterkte Positie Antwerpen
VPL Liege Reinforced Position
Versterkte Positie Luik
VPN Namur Reinforced Position
Versterkte Positie Namen
VRL Liege Fortress Regiment
Vestingsregiment van Luik
w/sc with sidecar
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