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Belgian Armed Forces
Belgian Army & Air Force US Army and USAAF equivalent rank
In French In Dutch Abbreviation Title
G3 Lieutenant-général Luitenant-generaal LTG Lieutenant General
G2 Major-général Generaal-majoor MG Major General
G1 Colonel-brigadier [1] Kolonel-brigadier [1] BG Brigadier General
(lit.: Brigadier Colonel)
O6 Colonel Kolonel COL Colonel
O5 Lieutenant-colonel Luitenant-kolonel LTC Lieutenant Colonel
O4 Major Majoor MAJ Major
O3a Capitaine-commandant
   (also known as Commandant)
   (also known as Commandant)
Sr.CPT (Senior Captain)
(Did not exist in US Forces)
O3 Capitaine Kapitein
Ritmeester (Cavalry only)
CPT Captain
O2 Lieutenant Luitenant 1LT 1st Lieutenant
O1 Sous-lieutenant Onder-luitenant 2LT 2nd Lieutenant
[1] In the Belgian Armed Forces, a Colonel-brigadier / Kolonel-brigadier was considered as a field grade officer, not a general.
Suffixes to ranks:
(BEM) Breveté d'État Major
French for: General Staff Officer
(BMA) Brevet Militaire Administrateu
French for: Military Administration Staff Officer
(MAB) Militair Administratiebevret
Dutch for: Military Administration Staff Officer
(SBH) Staf Brevet Houder
Dutch for: General Staff Officer
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