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Royal Norwegian Armed Forces
Army Aircraft
Type Unit Number Location
Fokker C.V.E Bomb Wing 7 Kjeller, Sola
Tiger Moth Bomb Wing 2 Sola
Caprioni Ca 310 Bomb Wing 4 Sola
Fokker C.V.D Scout Wing 9 Kjeller, Sola
Tiger Moth Scout Wing 5 Kjeller
Gladiator I Fighter Wing 5 Fornebu
Gladiator II Fighter Wing 6 Kjeller, Sola
Tiger Moth Fighter Wing 2 Fornebu
Tiger Moth Staben Btt 1 Kjeller
Fokker C.V.E Trøndelag Flyavdeling 9 Værnes
Moth Trøndelag Flyavdeling 1 Kjeller
Tiger Moth Trøndelag Flyavdeling 3 Værner, Kjeller
Fokker C.V.D Hålogaland Flyavdeling 3 Seida
Fokker C.V.D Hålogaland Flyavdeling 3 Banak
Tiger Moth Hålogaland Flyavdeling 1 Bardufoss
Fokker C.V.D Flygeskolen 9 Øyeren
Tiger Moth Flygeskolen 15            Øyeren
Scimitar Flygeskolen 3 Kjeller
Moth Kjeller Flyfabrikk 2 Kjeller
Curtiss Hawk Kjeller Flyfabrikk 6 Kjeller
Most Aircraft stationed at Kjeller were not ready by the German attack. Kjeller was the Aircraft Factory.  
The Norwegians did capture some aircraft, which were then used by Norwegian Air Force. These were:
Type Origin Captured Callsign
Dornier Do 18D-3 * German 09.10.39 8L + FK
Dornier Do 18D-3 * German 29.11.39 K6 + KH
Arado Ar 196 A 2 German 08.04.40 Unknown
Supermarine Walrus I British 08.04.40 Unknown
* Captured before the war.
Information supplied by Bjørn Jervås
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