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Royal Hellenic Armed Forces
Sources and Research Assistance
David Edgington
For providing the shimmerings of a first order of battle

Nikolaos Stamatopoulos
email: nstamathens[at]hotmail[dot]com
Athens, Greece
For providing the main material for the Greek orders of battle

John G. Bitzws
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Center of Military Histroy
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Hellenic Army General Staff
"An Abridged History of the Greek-Italian and Greek-German War 1940–1941"
(Land Operations)
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Hans-Adolf Jackobson (Editor)
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G.C. Kiriakopoulos
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Alexis Mehtidis
"Greek Ground Forces In Crete And Their Small Arms, November 1940–May 1941" (Revised)
Bonus Article, Volume 1, recovered from Orbat Web Magazine on 02.12.2011

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