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Royal Rumanian Army
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Mobilized Cavalry Brigade, Type II
22 June 1941
Brigada Cavalerie
1941 Cavalry Brigades, Type II
1 Cavalry Brigade [1]
    BG Marin Manafu
11 Calarasi Regiment
  1 Rosiori Regiment
  2 Rosiori Regiment
1 Calareata Artillery Regiment Other units 41
7 Cavalry Brigade
    COL Gheorghe Savoiu
  9th Calarasi Regiment (COL Anibal Dobjanski) [2]
11th Rosiori Regiment (motorized) (COL Alexandru Plesoianu) [3]
12th Rosiori Regiment (COL Dumitru Luca)
5th Horse Artillery Regiment (LTC Mircea Boboc) Other units 45
9 Cavalry Brigade [1]
    BG Traian Cocorascu
  3 Rosiori Regiment
  5 Rosiori Regiment
13 Calarasi Regiment
6 Calareata Artillery Regiment Other units 46
[1] Not mobilized at this time.
[2] Replaced by 06.07.41 on LTC Ioan Lazarescu.
[3] The 11th Cavalry Regiment was officially horse mounted, but in fact was truck-borne with a very colorful assortment of motor vehicles. A bunten Wagenstand according to Ion Emilian, an officer of this unit. From: Ion Valeriu Emilian, Der Phantastiche Ritt, Verlag K.W. Schütz, Preussisch Oldendorf, 1977.
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