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Royal Rumanian Army
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Mobilized Cavalry Brigade, Type I
22 June 1941
Brigada Cavalerie
1941 Cavalry Brigades, Type I
5 Cavalry Brigade
     COL Vasile Mainescu
  6th Rosiori Regiment (motorized) (COL Radu Korne)
  7th Rosiori Regiment (COL Gheorghe Carp)
  8th Rosiori Regiment (COL Haralambie Bosie)
  2nd Horse Artillery Regiment (COL Grigore Iliescu) Other units 42
6 Cavalry Brigade
    MG Aurel Racovita
  5th Calarasi Regiment (LTC Grigore Catuneanu) [1]
  9th Rosiori Regiment (COL Gheorghe Sotir)
10th Rosiori Regiment (motorized) (LTC Dumitru Damaceanu)
  4th Horse Artillery Regiment (LTC Ion Mustata) Other units 43
8 Cavalry Brigade
    COL Ion Danescu
  2nd Calarasi Regiment (LTC Ioan Hristea)
  3rd Calarasi (motorized) Regiment (COL Hercule Fortunescu)
  4th Rosiori Regiment (COL Ervin Claus)
  3rd Horse Artillery Regiment (LTC Ioan Gradin) Other units 44
[1] Replaced on 06.07.41 by LTC Marcel Olteanu.
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