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Royal Rumanian Army
In cooperation with Bradley L. Hunter
Mobilized Fortress Brigade
22 June 1941
1941 Brigada Fortificatii
Fortress Brigade Units
1 Fortress Brigade
    MG Nicolae Ghineraru
   1st Fortress Infantry Regiment (LTC Octavian Petreanu)
  2nd Fortress Infantry Regiment (COL Alexandru Niculescu)
   1st Fortress Artillery Regiment (COL Traian Manescu)
  11th Fortress Artillery Regiment (COL Dimitrie Petrini)
81 All other units
2 Fortress Brigade
    MG Ioan Arbore
  28th Fortress Infantry Regiment (COL Alexandru Batcu)
  53rd Fortress Infantry Regiment (COL Octavian Vorobchievici)
  68th Fortress Infantry Regiment (COL Mitrica Panaite)
   4th Fortress Artillery Regiment (LTC Iacovache Panu) 82 All other units
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