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Royal Rumanian Army
In cooperation with Bradley L. Hunter
Mobilized Mixed Mountain Brigade
22 June 1941
1941 Brigada Mixta Munte
Mountain Mixed Brigade Units
  Mountain Infantry Mountain Artillery Mountain
All other
1 Mountain Brigade
     BG Mihail Lascar
  1st Mtn Group (COL Albert Ludwig)
    • 2nd Mtn Battalion (LTC Virgil Citiriga)
    • 3rd Mtn Battalion (LTC Gheorghe Dimitriu)
    • 23rd Mtn Battalion (LTC Ioan Mihail)
  2nd Mtn Group (COL Gheorghe Focseneanu)
    • 1st Mtn Battalion (LTC Breaza Ionescu)
    • 4th Mtn Battalion (LTC Gheorghe Niculiu)
    • 24th Mtn Battalion (LTC Stefan Marinescu)
  1st Mtn Artillery Group (COL Mihail Sutu)
    • 1st Mtn Howitzer Battalion (LTC Nicolae Dumitrescu)
    • 1st Mtn Gun Battalion (LTC Stoian Ionescu)
  2nd Mtn Engineer Battalion
  (LTC Razoare Ionescu)
1 Vânatori 37
2 Mountain Brigade
     BG Ion Dumitrache
  4th Mtn Group (LTC Dumitru Carlan)
    • 7th Mtn Battalion (LTC Mihai Gheorghiu) [1]
    • 8th Mtn Battalion (LTC Gheorghe Carnu)
    • 15th Mtn Battalion (LTC Victor Badescu)
  5th Mtn Group (COL Grigore Balan)
    • 9th Mtn Battalion (LTC Vasile Carlan)
    • 10th Mtn Battalion (LTC Emanoil Bradateanu)
    • 16th Mtn Battalion (LTC Stefan Pantelimonescu) [2]
  2nd Mtn Artillery Group (COL Gheorghe Georgescu)
    • 4th Mtn Gun Battalion (LTC Constantin Simulescu)
    • 5th Mtn Gun Battalion (LTC Ilie Georgescu)
    • 2nd Mtn Howitzer Battalion (LTC Nicolae Pirosca)
  1st Mtn Engineer Battalion
  (LTC Nicolae Constantinescu)
2 Vânatori 38
3 Mountain Brigade [3]
     BG Radu Falfanescu
  3rd Mtn Group
    • 5th Mtn Battalion
    • 12th Mtn Battalion
    • 22nd Mtn Battalion
  6th Mtn Group
    • 6th Mtn Battalion
    • 11th Mtn Battalion
    • 21st Mtn Battalion
  3rd Mtn Artillery Group
    • 1st Mtn Gun Battalion
    • 3rd Mtn Howitzer Battalion
  3rd Mtn Engineer Battalion 3 Vânatori 39
4 Mountain Brigade
     BG Gheorghe Manoliu
  8th Mtn Group (COL Ernest Albustin)
    • 13th Mtn Battalion (LTC Justinian Marinoiu)
    • 14th Mtn Battalion (LTC Mihail Hanus)
    • 20th Mtn Battalion (LTC Dumitru Miriste)
  9th Mtn Group (COL Richard Rottenburg) [4]
    • 17th Mtn Battalion (LTC Anghel Ionescu)
    • 18th Mtn Battalion (LTC Dumitru Vetianu)
    • 19th Mtn Battalion (LTC Alexandru Petrescu) [5]
  4th Mtn Artillery Group (COL Petre Colis)
    • 3rd Mtn Gun Battalion (LTC Constantin Lungulescu)
    • 6th Mtn Gun Battalion (LTC Nicolae Halmu)
  4th Mtn Engineer Battalion
  (LTC Grigore Ionescu)
4 Vânatori 99
[1] Replaced on 07.07.41 by MAJ Titus Savu; then, as of 09.07.41 by LTC Nicolae Ciubotaru.
[2] Replaced on 06.07.41 by MAJ Radu Maxineanu.
[3] The 3rd Mountain Brigade was not mobilized for Barbarossa.
[4] Replaced on 19.07.41 by LTC Gheorghe Serbanescu; then, as of 21.07.41 by LTC Alexandru Petrescu.
[5] Replaced on 21.07.41 by MAJ Melchior Stoltz.
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