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Royal Rumanian Army
Mobilized Army Corps
22 June 1941
Army Corps
Army Corps and their Units
Guards Army Corps    Disbanded 01.11.1940
I Army Corps
     CO: MG Teodor Ionescu
     Hqs: Craiova
2. Infantry Division  
3. Infantry Division  
11. Infantry Division  
  1. Heavy Artillery Regiment
  51. Heavy Howitzer Battalion
1st Signal Battalion
Other Units: 51
II Army Corps
     CO: MG Nicolae Macici
     Hqs: Bucarest
4. Infantry Division  
9. Infantry Division  
10. Infantry Division  
  2. Heavy Artillery Regiment
  52. Heavy Howitzer Battalion
2nd Signal Battalion
Other Units: 52
III Army Corps
     CO: MG Vasile Atanasiu
     Hqs: Focsani
15. Infantry Division  
21. Infantry Division  
  3. Heavy Artillery Regiment
  53. Heavy Howitzer Battalion
3rd Signal Battalion
Other Units: 53
IV Army Corps
     CO: MG Constantin Sanatescu
     Hqs: Roman
7. Infantry Division  
8. Infantry Division  
14. Infantry Division  
  4. Heavy Artillery Regiment
  54. Heavy Howitzer Battalion
4th Signal Battalion
Other Units: 54
V Army Corps
     CO: LTG Gheorghe Leventi [1]
     Hqs: Buzau
5. Infantry Division  
6. Infantry Division  
13. Infantry Division  
  5. Heavy Artillery Regiment
  55. Heavy Howitzer Battalion
5th Signal Battalion
Other Units: 55
VI Army Corps
     CO: MG Corneliu Dragalina
     Hqs: Brasov
    6. Heavy Artillery Regiment
  56. Heavy Howitzer Battalion
6th Signal Battalion
Other Units: 56
VII Army Corps
     CO: MG Florea Mitranescu
     Hqs: Sibiu
1. Infantry Division  
18. Infantry Division  
19. Infantry Division  
20. Infantry Division  
  7. Heavy Artillery Regiment
  57. Heavy Howitzer Battalion
7th Signal Battalion
Other Units: 56
VIII Army Corps    Disbanded 01.11.1940
X Army Corps    Disbanded 01.11.1940
XI Army Corps
     CO: MG Aurelian Son [2]
1. Fortress Brigade  
2. Fortress Brigade  
    1. Fortress Heavy Artillery Regiment
  11. Fortress Heavy Artillery Regiment
11th Signal Battalion
Other Units: ?
Cavalry Corps
     CO: MG Mihail Racovit
5th Cavalry Brigade  
8th Cavalry Brigade  
    59th Signal Battalion
Other Units: 59
Mountain Corps
     CO: MG Gheorghe Avramescu
1st Mountain Brigade  
2nd Mountain Brigade  
4th Mountain Brigade  
    61st Signal Battalion
Other Units: 61
Units in grey were not mobilized on 22.06.1941.
[1] Replaced on 08.07.41 by General Aurelian Son.
[2] Replaced on 08.07.41 by General Constantin Constantinescu.
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