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Royal Rumanian Army
In cooperation with Bradley L. Hunter
Mobilized Border Guard Division
22 June 1941
1941 Divizia Graniceri
Border Guard Division Units
1st Border Guard Division  
    BG Gheorghe Potopeanu
    1st Border Guard Regiment (COL Ioan Iucal)
   2nd Border Guard Regiment (COL Dumitru Oncica)
     5th Border Guard Regiment (COL Ioan Buhanca) [1] 
   1st Border Guard Artillery Regiment (COL Gheorghe Stefanescu) [2]
   2nd Border Guard Artillery Regiment (COL Alexandru Ratvan)
Other units
[1] Replaced on 19.07.41 by COL Petre Predan.
[2] Replaced on 23.07.41 by COL August Vladescu.
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