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Royal Yugoslav Navy
Naval Vessels
AG Miscellaneous Auxiliary
AGP Patrol Craft Tender
AM Minesweeper
AO Tanker (Oiler)
AP Transport
ARS Salvage Ship
AS Submarine Tender
AV Seaplane Tender
AWK Water Tanker
CL Light Cruiser
CM Minelayer
DD Destroyer
IX Unclassified, miscellaneous
PT Patrol Craft (Motor Torpedo Boat)
PY Patrol Craft (Small Converted Yacht)
SS Submarine
River Craft
PRA River Monitor - Armored Patrolboat
PRB River Motorboat
PRG River Gunboat
PRH River Hospital Vessel
PRHQ River Staff - Command Vessel
PRM River Minelayer
PRK River Transport
PRT River Tug Boat
PRY River Yacht
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