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Happy New Year 2022
18.11.2021 I have been away from this site most of this year. Unbeknownst to me, my eyes have been deteriorating for a while, and I was leaning more and more forward to see the monitor. My back started to respond to my bad posture and complained bitterly. A bit at the beginning, but more and more as time progressed. By February this year I was no longer doing any work on the PC, let alone on this site. After finally realizing that the problem was my eyes, I got new glasses, and spent a small fortune ergonomically reorganizing and re-configuring my workspace. Having recovered somewhat, I feel able to at least partially resume work on this site again.

I will also be able to start replying to and/or implementing the emails you have sent me these last 12 months.

Thank you for your patience and support.
Happy New Year 2021
08.12.2020 The 17 July 1936 order of battle for the Spanish Army and the Spanish Navy have been been revised and uploaded.
04.11.2020 The 1 November 1939 order of battle for the Brazilian Navy has also been uploaded.
Many thanks to someone who constinues to remain anonymous, and also again to Adler Homero Fonseca de Castro for his detailed contribution about the coast artillery units.
02.11.2020 The 1 November 1939 order of battle for the Brazilian Army has been uploaded.
Many thanks to someone who wishes to remain anonymous, as well as Adler Homero Fonseca de Castro for his detailed contribution about the coast artillery units.
21.08.2020 The ships and vessels of the 21 June 1941 NKVD Border Guards have been revised and uploaded.
Thanks to more diligent work by Marek Suplat.
02.07.2020 Once again the 8 December 1941 order of battle for the RAAF has been revised and uploaded.
Many thanks to Geoffrey Sinclair.
10.03.2020 The thoroughly revised 8 December 1941 orders of battle for the Australian Army and the RAAF have been uploaded.
Still missing service units in Australia proper.
Ongoing project.
10.03.2020 Revised and uploaded the 8 December 1941 order of battle for the Royal New Zealand Navy.
Happy New Year 2020
26.12.2019 The 1 July 1939 organizations for the Swiss Army have been uploaded.
These organizations are for the general mobilization in 1939 and appear to be valid well into 1940.
Based on the Bundesblatt, 88. Jahrgang, Band II, dated 24.06.1936.
09.10.2019 Many of the 11 May 1940 French Army organizations have been uploaded. More to follow.
Many thanks especially to Lee Sharp; plus a wink and a nod to the team at ATF40 Armée de terre Française 1940. [In French] [Opens in new window]
25.06.2019 The 8 November 1942 order of battle for the Vichy France Armed Forces has been uploaded,
including those elements of the Vichy France Navy involved in Operation Torch, which have been revised.
Special thanks to Lee Sharp.
06.06.2019 Complete revision and update of the 1940 Belgian Army order of battle
Thanks to Walter Van Opstal's website De Achttiendaagse Veldtocht. [In Dutch] [Opens in new window]
If you want even more detailed information, open Google Translate (or your favorite translating program) go there and and start exploring.
The Planned Mobilized Organizations for 1940 have also been updated, although there are still holes in the organization of the lower echelons.
Thanks to Etat-Major Général de l'Armee, "Organisation de l'Armee sur le Pied de Guerre, 1939", and Eric Simon.
Happy New Year 2019
20.12.2018 The Royal Hungarian Army 1920 – 1945
Chapters 4 (The Air Force to March 1941) and 5 (The River Forces to March 1941) uploaded.
    Go to Contents
Some changes to previous chapters.
As always, check the dates at the top.

12.09.2018 My German WWII Organizational Series is now available for downloading.
After the troubles I have had with the latest publishers, I have dropped the idea of doing any further books.
12.09.2018 The Royal Hungarian Army 1920 – 1945
Initially thought to be the first of several volumes, I have since dropped the idea of publishing any further books. Instead, the book is being converted to HTML. First chapters have been uploaded. The (new) web pages include additions, changes, amendments, etc. which have become available over the past 20 years.
And, I will possibly be amending even these (new) web pages from time to time as well — A work in progress. The advantage of the internet.
As always, check the dates at the top.

For those who don't want to wait for me to complete this web site opus, I have also uploaded the original version of my manuscript as used by Europa Books (formerly Axis Europa) to publish the book in 1998 (with a few minor corrections) to keep you entertained:
       The Royal Hungarian Army 1920 – 1945 [3.7 MB PDF File]
I will not be making any changes to this file.
06.08.2018 Errata for the "Landstreitkräfte" volumes (2–14) of the Tessin books have been updated.
09.07.2018 I apologize for not responding to your correspondence lately. I have been in Holland for some four months and have been distracted by completely different, non-historical matters. In any event, I have not been anywhere near my sources at home here in Germany.
09.05.2018 The completly mobilized Czechoslovakian Army order of battle for 30.09.1938 has been uploaded.
It replaces the partially-mobilized order of battle of 27.09.1938, and depicts the order of battle on the day of the signing of the Munich Pact.
Happy New Year 2018
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