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Department of the Adjutant-General, Australian Military Forces, Peacetime Organization
3 September 1939
Adjutant-General MG  Sir C.H. Jess Staff Corps
Director of Organization and Personal Services COL   R.E. Jackson Staff Corps
Asst. Adjts.-Gen. LTC  R.C.G. Prisk Staff Corps
MAJ  A.W. Wardell Staff Corps
MAJ  B.J. Andrew Staff Corps
Dep. Asst. Adjt.-Gen. MAJ  G.E.W. Hurley Staff Corps
Staff Captain MAJ  I.R. Campbell Staff Corps
Director of Mobilization LTC  T.E. Weavers Staff Corps
Dep. Asst. Adjt.-Gen. CPT  A.W. Riordan Staff Corps
Dircetor of Recruiting COL   F.J. Alderson  
Director-General of Medical Services MG  R.M. Downes A.A.M.C.
Assistant Directors of Medical Services COL   W.W.S. Johnston A.A.M.C.
MAJ  E.L. Cooper A.A.M.C.
Director of Hygiene LTC  C.R. Merrrilles A.A.M.C.
Inspector of Dental Services COL   J.E. Down A.A.M.C.
Inspector of Pharmaceutical Services MAJ  C.J. Tonkin A.A.M.C.
Staff Officer, Medical Services Qr.-Mr. & Hon. CPT  A. Christie A.I.C.
Matron-In-Chief Miss G.M. Wilson A.A.N.S.
Judge Advocate General Mr. J. Bowie Wilson  
Hon. Consultant to Judge Advocate General Mr. V. Le Gay Brereton A.I.C.
Director of Rifle Associations and Rifle Clubs LTC  T.E. Weavers Staff Corps
The details in this list based on information (corrected generally to 30.06.1939) supplied by the Goverment of the Commonwealth of Australia.
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