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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
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Cabinet, Canadian Government, Peacetime Organization
3 September 1939
Prime Minister Rt.Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King
Minister of National Defence Hon. Ian Alistair Mackenzie
Minister of Agriculture Rt.Hon. James Garfield Gardiner
Secretary of State for External Affairs Rt.Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King (also PM)
Minister of Finance and Receiver General Hon. James Layton Ralston
Minister of Fisheries Hon. Joseph-Enoil Michaud
Minister of Justice and Attorney General Rt.Hon. Ernest Lapointe
Minister of Labour Hon. Norman McLeod Rogers
Minister of Mines and Resources Hon. Thomas Alexander Crerar
Minister without Portfolio Hon. James Angus MacKinnon
Minister without Portfolio Rt.Hon. Raoul Dandurand Senator
Minister of National Revenue Hon. James Lorimer Ilsley
Minister of Pensions and National Health Hon. Charles Gavan Power
Postmaster General Hon. Norman Alexander McLarty
President of the Privy Council Rt.Hon. William Lyon Mackenzie King
Minister of Public Works Hon. Pierre Joseph Arthur Cardin
Secretary of State of Canada Rt.Hon. Ernest Lapointe (Acting Minister)
Minister of Trade and Commerce Hon. William Daum Euler
Minister of Transport Hon. Clarence Decatur Howe
This list is based on information (corrected generally to 30.06.1939) supplied by the Goverment of the Dominion of Canada,
as well as: Defence Forces List Canada — Naval, Military and Air Forces — Part 1, November 1939 (Corrected to 10th November 1939).
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