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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
With thanks to Robert Michel
Defence Council, Canadian Government, Peacetime Organization
3 September 1939
President Rt. Hon. I.A. Mackenzie Minister of National Defence
Vice-President MG   L.R. La Fleche Deputy Minister of National Defence
    Chief of the General Staff
    Director of the Naval Service and Chief of the Naval Staff
    Chief of the Air Staff, Royal Canadian Air Force

MG   T.V. Anderson
VADM   P.W. Nelles
AVM   G.M. Croil
Associate Members
    Master-General of the Ordnance
    Judge Advocate-General

MG   H.F.H. Hertzberg
MG   W.H.P. Elkins
COL   R.J. Orde
Secretary Mr. E.J. Boag
This list is based on information (corrected generally to 30.06.1939) supplied by the Goverment of the Dominion of Canada,
as well as: Defence Forces List Canada — Naval, Military and Air Forces — Part 1, November 1939 (Corrected to 10th November 1939).
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