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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
With thanks to Robert Michel
The Northern Rhodesia Regiment, Colonial Forces
3 September 1939
(Administered by the Colonial Office)
(Bwana Mkubwa, Northern Rhodesia) [1]
 Officer Commanding LTC     W.A. Dimoline
   2nd in Command MAJ   B.G. Lynn-Allen
   Adjutant 1LT   G.H.W. Goode
   Paymaster and Quarter-Master CPT   H.T. Hughes
      Company Commanders CPT   A.N. Bagshaw
CPT   R.P. Whelan
CPT   A.M.C. Denny
1LT   J.D. Giddings
  [1] Northern Rhodesia is modern-day Zambia.
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