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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
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Southern Rhodesia Defence Force, Colonial Forces
3 September 1939
(Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia) [1]
 Officer Commanding Forces COL   J.S. Morris
   Chief Staff Officer MAJ   J.W. Watson
   Staff Officer 'A' Branch CPT   A.C. Walker
   Staff Officer 'Q' Branch CPT   A.V. Adams
   Staff Officers Air Services MAJ   D. Cloete
1LT   M.C.H. Barber
   Director of Medical Services LTC     A.P. Martin
   Officer Commanding Air Sections and Director of Civil Aviation LTC     C.W. Meredith
Staff in Military Districts
   Eastern Division CPT   E.R. Day
1LT   R.E.B. Long
   Western Division 1LT   S.E.A. Curram
 1st Battalion, the Rhodesian Regiment (Salisbury) [1] LTC     N.S. Ferris
   Adjutant CPT   C.D. Gibbs
   Quarter-Master 1LT   H.A. Watterson
   2nd Battalion, the Rhodesian Regiment (Bulawayo) LTC     T. Baker
   Adjutant CPT   J. de L. Thompson
   Quarter-Master 1LT   W.E.C. Owen
  [1] Salisbury is modern-day Harare. Southern Rhodesia was known as Rhodesia for a while, but is now known as Zimbabwe.
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