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British, Colonial, and Dominion Armies
With thanks to Robert Michel
The Trans-Jordan Frontier Force, Colonial Forces
3 September 1939
(Administered by the Colonial Office)
(Zarga, Trans-Jordan)
 Officer Commanding COL   J.I. Chrystall
   2nd in Command MAJ   R.S. Buller
   Adjutant CPT   E.H. Tinker
   Senior Medical Officer MAJ   I.U. Young
   Senior Veterinary Officer MAJ   A.G. Heveningham
   Quarter-Master MAJ   G.T. Paley
   Signalling Officer CPT   H.E.F. Middelton
   Paymaster MAJ   D.W. Roy
   Workshop Officer CPT   C.J. Sherman
   Squadron Commanders MAJ   J.W. Smith
MAJ   P.T. Goodwin
MAJ   G.W.C. Montgomery
MAJ   H.R. Hildreth
MAJ   B.M. Goddard
MAJ   E.C. Wilson
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