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British, Colonial, and Dominion Navies
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Navy Board, New Zealand Station, The Royal Navy
10 September 1939
President The Honourable Frederick Jones The Minister of Defence
Chief of Naval Staff and First Naval Member Capt  H.E. Horan, R.N.
Second Naval Member Cdr  A.B. Fanshawe, R.N. [1]
Naval Secretary and Civil Member Payr-Capt  N.T.P. Cooper, R.N.
Assistant Naval Secretary and Controller of Finance and Stores Payr-Lt  H.R. Sleeman [1]
Staff Officer (Operations) Lt-Cdr  E.K.H. St. Aubyn, R.N. [1]
Staff Officer (Intelligence) Lt-Cdr  T. Ellis, R.N. [1]
Director of Medical Services Surgeon-Cdr  R.G. Anthony
Director and Registrar, Naval Reserves (New Zealand Squadron) Capt  E.G. Morris, R.N. (retired)
[1] Borne in HMS Philomel.
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