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British, Colonial, and Dominion Air Forces
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Air Headquarters, Royal Air Force, Middle East
3 September 1939
(Villa Victoria, Shawabri Pasha, Cairo, Egypt)
Commanded all Royal Air Force units stationed or operating in Egypt, Palestine and Trans-Jordan, the Sudan, East Africa, Cyprus, Turkey, Iraq and adjacent territories, the Balkans, Aden and Somaliland, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf.
 Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief
   Air Officer in Charge of Administration
AM Sir  William G.S. Mitchell
AirCom (Acting AVM)  A.A. Walser
 Personal Appointments
   Personal Assistant to A.O.C.-in-C.

FlgOff  F.M. Mulligan
 Air Staff
   Senior Air Staff Officer

AirCom  R.M. Drummond
   Command Accountant

GrpCpt  T.H. Evans
   Principal Medical Officer

GrpCpt  A.E. Panter
    Principal Chaplain (Church of England)

Rev.  H. Thomas
   Command Education Officer

Mr.  J.B. Newman
   Chief Engineer

Mr.  F.L. Fay
   Senior Technical Officer

Mr.  R.P. Batty
 Local Audit (under Director of Accounts, Air Ministry)
   Chief Auditor and Adviser on Expenditure to A.O.C.

Mr.  C.W. Evans
 Directorate of Aeronautical Inspection - Inspection of Explosives
   Assistant Inspector A.I.D.
   Assistant Inspector A.I.D.

Mr.  C.F. Burden
Mr.   K.G. Ticehurst
 Civil Aviation Signals Representative Mr.  S.G. Newport
 Attached to Headquarters Sudan Defence Force, Khartoum WingCdr  S.D. MacDonald
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