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Imperial Chinese Army
Order of Battle
Mid-June 1941
Command Aircraft Location and Status Commander      
1st War Area   Wei Li-huang
40th Corps     Pang Ping-hsun
76th Corps     Li Tieh-chun
2nd Army Group     Sun Lien-chung
30th Corps     Tien Lien-chung
42nd Corps     Feng An-pang
58th Corps     Liu Ju-ming
3rd Army Group     Sun Tung-hsuan (concurrent)
12th Corps     Sun Tung-hsuan
2nd War Area   Yen Hsi-shan
1st Temporrary Division     Pen Yu-Pin
2nd Temporary Division     Chin Hsien-chang
71st Division     Kuo Tsung-fen
66th Division     Tu Chun-yi
9th Corps     Kuo Chi-chiao
4th Army Group     Sun Wei-ju
38th Corps     Chao Shou-shan
47th Corps     Li Chia-yu
96th Corps     Li Hsing-chung
5th Army Group     Tseng Wan-chung (concurrent)
3rd Corps     Tseng Wan-chung
15th Corps     Liu Mao-en
17th Corps     Kao Kuei-tse
6th Army Group     Yang Ai-yuan
19th Corps     Wang Ching-kuo
61st Corps     Chen Chang-chieh
1st Cavalry Corps     Chao Cheng-shou
7th Army Group     Fu Zso-yi (concurrent)
1st New Corps     Teng Pao-shan
22nd Corps     Kao Shuang-cheng
35th Corps     Fu Zso-yi
Manchuria Advanced Corps     Ma Chan-shan
14th Army Group     Wei Li-huang (concurrent)
14th Corps     Chen Tieh
93rd Corps     Liu Kan
98th Corps     Wu Shih-min
18th Army Group      
3rd War Area   Ku Chu-tung
4th New Corps     Yeh Hsun-chi
10th Army Group     Liu Chien-hsu
28th Corps     Tao Kuang
91st Corps     Hsuan Tieh-wu
23rd Army Group     Tang Shih-tsun
21st Corps     Chen Wan-jen
50th Corps     Kuo Hsun-chi
25th Army Group     Chen Yi
100th Corps     Chen Chi
28th New Division     Wang Chi-hsiang
32rd Army Group     Shangkuan Yun-hsiang
25th Corps     Wang Ching-chiu
29th Corps     Chen An-pao
67th Division     Mo Yu-shuo
4th War Area   Chang Fa-kuei
9th Army Group     Wu Chi-wei
4th Corps     Ou Chen
65th Corps     Li Chen-chiu
12th Army Group     Yu Han-mou
62nd Corps     Chang Ta
63rd Corps     Chang Jui-kuei
66th Corps     Yeh Shao
83rd Corps     (not filled)
16th Army Group     Hsia Wei (concurrent)
46th Corps     Hsia Wei 
64th Corps     Teng Lung-kuang
5th War Area   Li Tsung-jen
Hinan-Hupei-Anhwei Border Command      
Area Guerilla C-in-C     Liao Lei
7th Corps     Chang Kan
48th Corps     Chang Yi-shun
11th Army Group     Li Pin-hsien
84th Corps     Chin Lien-fang
39th Corps     Liu Ho-ting
22nd Army Group     Wang Tsan-hsu
44th Corps     Liao Chen
29th Army Group     Wang Tsan-hsu
44th Corps     Liao Chen
33rd Army Group     Chang Tse-chung (concurrent)
55th Corps     Tsao Fu-lin
59th Corps     Chang Tse-chung
77th Corps     Feng Chih-an
8th War Area   Chu Shao-liang
2nd New Corps     Lu Ta-chang
80th Corps     Kung Ling-hsun
82nd Corps     Ma Pu-fang
191st Division     Yang Teh-liang
2nd Cavalry Corps     Ho Chu-kuo
5th Cavalry Corps     Ma Pu-chung
6th Cavalry Corps     Men Ping-yueh
17th Army Group     Ma Hung-pin (concurrent)
81st Corps     Ma Hung-pin
168th Division     Ma Hung-kuei
9th War Area   Hsueh Yueh (acting)
74th Corps     Wang Yao-wu
Border Area Guerilla C-in-C     Fan Sung-pu
8th Corps     Li Yu-tang
73rd Corps     Peng Wei-jen
1st Army Group     Lung Yun
58th Corps     Sung Tu
3rd New Corps     Chang Chung
60th Corps     An En-pu
19th Army Group     Lo Cho-ying
79th Corps     Hsia Chu-chung
49th Corps     Liu Tuo-chuan
70th Corps     Li Chueh
78th Corps     Hsua Shou-hsun
20th Army Group     Shang Chen
53rd Corps     Chuo Fu-cheng
54th Corps     Huo Kuei-chang
87th Corps     Liu Ying-ku
27th Army Group     Yang Sen
20th Corps     Yang Han-yu
30th Army Group     wang Ling-chi
72nd Corps     Han Chuan-pu
10th War Area   Chiang Ting-wen (concurrent)
16th Corps     Tung Chao
34th Army Group     Chiang Ting-wen
27th Corps     Fan Han-chieh
90th Corps     Li Wen
Shantung-Kiangsu War Area   Yu Hsueh-chung (concurrent)
51st Corps     Yu Hsueh-chung
57th Corps     Miao Cheng-liu
89th Corps     Han Teh-chin
Guerilla C-in-C     Shen Hung-ieh
Hopei-Chahar War Area   Lu Chung-lin
New 5th Corps     Sun Kuei-yuan
69th Corps     Shih Yu-suan
99th Corps     Chu Huai-ping
Hopei Militia     Chang Yin-wu
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