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Free French Services
Services de la France Libre

Government and High Command
London: 18th June 1940 - 21st September 1941
Provided by Alain Godec (Paris, France)
Chief of Free French
  General Charles de GAULLE
  Administration and Finances
    Aristide ANTOINE (alias Fontaine or Colonel Roland)
    Pierre DENIS (alias Rauzan)
    Commandants Etienne HIRSCH and MENGUY
    Commandant Etienne HIRSCH
    André Labarthe (see note below)
  Economy and Colonies
    Pierre-Olivier LAPIE
    René PLEVEN
    Information and Press
    Etienne DENNERY
    Robert MARJOLIN
    Colonel Jean MASSIP
    Jacques SOUSTELLE
  Sea transport (marine marchande = merchant navy)
    Jacques INGEN
    Pierre de MALGLAIVE
    Gaston PALEWSKI
    Maurice DEJEAN
    Joseph HACKIN
  Chief of Staff
    General Ernest PETIT
    General Raymond TISSIER
  Chief of 2nd Bureau
    Commandant Andre DEWAVRIN (alias PASSY)
  High Commissary of Free French for Middle-East
    Army General Georges CATROUX (was in fact senior and superior to de Gaulle)
  High Commissary of Free French in Africa
    General Edgar de LARMINAT
  Commandant Navy and Air Force
    Vice-Admiral Emile MUSELIER
    Rene CASSIN
    Army General Georges CATROUX
    Governor Felix EBOUE (Governor of Chad)
    General Edgar de LARMINAT
    Colonel Philippe LECLERC
    Vice-Admiral Emile MUSELIER
    Chief Doctor Adolphe SICE
    Governor Henri SAUTOT
    Rear-Admiral Georges Thierry d'ARGENLIEU
  Foreign Affairs
    Maurice DEJEAN
    General Martial VALIN
  Economy, Finances, Colonies
    Rene PLEVEN
    General Paul LEGENTILHOMME
  Interior, Labor, Information
    Andre DIETHELM
    Andre PHILIP
  Justice and Public Instruction
    Rene CASSIN
  Navy and Merchant Navy
    Vice-Admiral Emile MUSELIER
    Admiral Philippe AUBOYNEAU
  No assignment:
    Army General Georges CATROUX
    Rear-Admiral Georges Thierry d'ARGENLIEU
Andre LABARTHE was fired from the Free French in September 1940 after it was discovered that he had phony diplomas and was not the scientist he claimed he was. The recent declassified American NSA files in the Venona project prove that he was a communist spy, who together with his secretary provided valuable military information (weapons, blue-prints, and troop movements) to the Russian Embassy in London for money.
The term Free French is only used by individuals or groups of individuals that joined General de GAULLE before 31 July 1943 inclusive. This to distinguish between those who joined de GAULLE in the early stages of the war and those who became "resistants" when the winds changed, i.e., after the landing of US troops in North Africa and after the end of the North African campaign in May 1943.
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