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why this site exists and is not finished ...

I find GIF diagrams afford the best visual way to present the material.
The diagrams are fixed in size.
You should set your monitor resolution to at least 1024 x 768 pixels to avoid having to scroll back and forth.
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Please remember that
the spelling of many place names varies over the course of the years and often depends on the originating language and country.
different countries have different spelling for foreign places, areas, regions, countries, etc.

I have endeavoured to check the spelling of names in this site to ensure accuracy; however be aware of variations from present day spelling. Furthermore, I have applied those designations I am familiar with. So, adopt a liberal approach in your research in the interpretation of the entries.

You may be thinking these pages are too simple and drab.
There are no advertisements (well, except those for my books)
and there are no e-mail envelopes flipping over and over
AND there are no sound bytes being thrown at you, not even the ones you can't turn off.
Just lots of gif's, some text, a few tables (in clean HTML 4.01 Transitional).
NO q@!x#& FRAMES !!!!!!!!!!
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(Uhh ... yes, well, umm, almost   ...   OK just one teeny weeny little bitty page)

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