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German Ground Forces
late 1941 through mid-1942
   Infantry Division (motorized)
   Panzer Division

Non-Divisional Units
   [D] Assault Gun Battery
   [D] Bridge Column B (motorized)
   [D] Self-Propelled 4,7cm Antitank Company
   [T] Heavy Self-Propelled 76,2cm Armored Antitank Platoon
   [D] Heavy Self-Propelled 8,8cm Antitank Company

[D] = Diagram with vehicle manning
[T] = Text with organization and personnel billets
Reconnaissance Units
NATO symbol diagrams
Mobile Troops Inspectorate
   Reconnaissance Battalion (Pz. Div. & Inf.Div. (mot))
   Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (15. & 21. Pz. Div.)
   580th Motorized Reconnaissance Company (90. Afrika-Div.)
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