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United States Army
Authorized Organizations
Valid on 1 November 1942
     Infantry Division
     Armored Division
Non-Divisonal Units
     Field Artillery Brigade
     Parachute Infantry Regiment
     Cavalry Regiment (Mechanized)
     Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons Group
     Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons Battery
     Signal Construction Battalion
Non-Divisional Chemical Warfare Service Units
     Chemical Battalion (Motorized)(Separate)
     Chemical Company (Motorized)(Separate)
     Chemical Impregnating Company — 01.04.42
     Chemical Impregnating Company — 17.12.42
     Chemical Decontamination Company
     Chemical Maintenance Company
     Chemical Depot Company — 01.04.1942
     Chemical Depot Company — 28.05.1942
     Chemical Laboratory Company
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