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United States Navy and United States Coast Guard
Abbreviations and Terms Used
(Go to this page for abbreviations used to describe ships, vessels, and craft)
Air Units
VB Bombing Squadron
VC Composite Squadron
VC Battleship Observation Squadron
VCS Cruiser Scouting Squadron
VD Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron
VF Fighting Squadron
VF(N) Night Fighting Squadron
VGF Escort Fighting Squadron
VGS Scout / Torpedo Bomber Squadron
VH Air-Sea Rescue Squadron
VJ Utility Squadron
VN Training Squadron
VN-D Training Squadron (District)
VO Observation Squadron
VOS Observation Scout Squadron
VOT Operational Training Squadron
VP Patrol Squadron
VPB Patrol Bombing Squadron
VP-D Patrol Squadron (District)
VR Transport Squadron
VRE Transport-Evacuation Squadron
VRF Ferry Squadron
VRS Service Squadron
VS Scouting Squadron
VSB Scout Dive-Bombing Squadron
VS-D Scouting Squadron (District)
VSO Scout & Observation Squadron
VT Torpedo Squadron
VTB Torpedo Bombing Squadron
VX-D Experimental Squadron (District)
ZJ Airship Utility Squadron
ZN Airship Training Squadron
ZP Airship Patrol Squadron
ZQ Barrage Balloon Squadron
ZS Airship Scouting Squadron
Unit Types
BATDIV Battleship Division
CARDIV Carrier Division
CRUDIV Cruiser Division
DESDIV Destroyer Division
DESFLOT Destroyer Flotilla
DESRON Destroyer Squadron
MINEDIV Mine Division
MINERON Mine Squadron
SERVRON Service Squadron
SUBDIV Submarine Division
SUBRON Submarine Squadron
(F) Flagship
(CF) Cruisers Flagship
(FF) Flotilla Flagship
(SF) Squadron Flagship
(SFF) Service Force Flagship
(DAFF) Destroyers, Atlantic Fleet Flagship
AS American Samoa
BWI British West Indies
HI Hawaiian Islands
MI Mariana Islands
PI Philippine Islands
TA Territory of Alaska
BM Boatswain's Mate (enlisted rank)
CG Coast Guard
CGC Coast Guard Cutter
CBM Chief Boatswain's Mate (senior enlisted rank)
CPNAB Contractors Pacific Naval Air Bases
(civilian construction workers, employees of companies under US Navy contract)
(M.C.) Medical Corps
NAB Naval Air Base
NAD Naval Ammunition Depot
NAS Naval Air Station
NORTC Naval Reserve Officers Training Course
NRAB Naval Reserve Air Base
NY Naval Yard
USAT United States Army Transport
USCG United States Coast Guard
USCGC United States Coast Guard Cutter
USNR United States Navy Reserve
M/S Motor Ship (civilian vessel diesel powered)
S/S Steam Ship (civilian vessel steam powered)
USS United States Ship (US Navy vessel)
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