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Royal Hungarian Army
1943 Security Division
(Also known as Light Division and later Reserve Division. See notes below.)
1 October 1943
1943 Security Division
This organization applied to the reduced strength Light Divisions on the East Front normally used to secure the rear areas (Line-of-Communication zones). The infantry and cavalry companies only had three platoons.
The Hungarians did not designate these units as "Security" Divisions. To avoid confusion with the 27th Light Division, they are shown here as "Security Divisions". Again, this does not reflect Hungarian usage at the time.
These Light ("Security") Divisions were supposed to be redesignated as Reserve Divisions when they received their designated third regiments. However, in some cases, the process of redesignation overtook the process of reorganization, and divisions were called "Reserve" although in fact they still only had two regiments. On the other hand, the 1st, 21st and 201st were apparently never designated as anything other than "Light" Divisions at all.
Light (Security) Divisions on the East Front 1 October 1943
Division Infantry Cavalry Antiaircraft Signal Service
Changes after 01.10.43
1 Light
  BG Gusztáv Ungár
33 Regiment
43 Regiment
2 Battery 8 Company 1 1st Light Division dissolved on 10.05.44,
33rd Regiment to 5th Division,
43rd Regiment to 19th Division.
5 Light
  BG László János Szábo
46 Regiment
52 Regiment
5 Company 5 Battery 5 Company 5 Gains 33rd Regiment on 10.05.44.
9 Light
  BG Béla Németh
34 Regiment
38 Regiment
14 Company 9 Battery 9 Company 9 9th Light Division dissolved on 15.04.44
34th Regiment dissolved on 15.04.44

38th Regiment to 12th Division.
12 Light
  BG Jénö Bor
36 Regiment
48 Regiment
1 Company ? Battery 12 Company 12 Gains 38th Regiment on 15.04.44.
18 Light
  BG Mihály Ibrányi
19 Regiment
47 Regiment
49 Regiment
18 Company 18 Battery 18 Company 18 19th Regiment to Hungary on 30.01.44,
gains 40th Regiment on 15.05.44,
gains 41st Regiment on 26.05.44,
47th Regiment dissolved on 26.05.44.
19 Light
  COL Imre Kálán
25 Regiment
35 Regiment
53 Regiment
19 Company 19 Battery 19 Company 19 25th Regiment to Hungary on 20.01.44,
gains 43rd Regiment on 10.05.44,
gains 44th Regiment on 15.05.44.
35th Regiment dissolved on 15.05.44. (?)
21 Light
  BG Géza Ehrlich
40 Regiment
44 Regiment
21 Battery 21 Company 21 21st Light Division dissolved on 15.05.44,
40th Regiment to 18th Division,
44th Regiment to 19th Division.
23 Light
  BG Pál Magyar
51 Regiment
54 Regiment
8 Company ? Battery 23 Company 23 Gains 42nd Regiment on 26.05.44.
201 Light
  COL László Miskey
41 Regiment
42 Regiment
24 Battery 16 Company 201 201st Light Division dissolved on 26.05.44,
41st Regiment to 18th Division,
42nd Regiment to 23rd Division.
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