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Royal Hungarian Honvéd
2nd Cavalry Brigade (i)
   Nyiregyháza (HM direct)
   Constituted:       11.05.1922   
   Discontinued:       01.10.1937    Redesignated as 1st Cavalry Brigade (ii)
Commanding Officers:
   11.05.192200.00.1926    BG Tivadár Dienes-Oehm
   00.00.192601.11.1928    ?
   01.11.192800.00.1932    BG Benö Deschán
   00.00.193200.00.1935    BG Aladár Erreth
   00.00.193501.05.1937    BG Olivér Perczel
   01.05.193701.10.1937    BG Alajos Béldy
   11.05.192201.10.1937    HM (peace time garrisons)
Peace Time Organization to 1937:
   Brigade Headquarters
   1st Cavalry Regiment Headquarters
     I./1st Cavalry Regiment
     II./1st Cavalry Regiment
   4th Cavalry Regiment Headquarters
     I./4thCavalry Regiment
     II./4thCavalry Regiment
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